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Release Dates:
According to Twins Effects will be released on vcd/dvd on Aug 22nd.
Hong Kong-0ut now
U.S.A-Winter 2003 or early next year.
Language in film: Cantonese & English
Rated IIA in Hong Kong, which is 12A or PG-13

Ace vampire slayer Reeve (30) (Ekin Cheng Yee Kin)

tracks his archenemy, the Duke Decotes (Mikey Hardt)

to Hong Kong. The Duke is hunting for Kazaf (Edison

Chen Kwoon Hei), the fifth prince of a vampire nation.

With Kazafs blood and the ancient vampire bible, the

Duke will bring a new age of Darkness. On arrival,

Reeves learns that he has a new partner, a feisty but

inexperienced young beauty named Gypsy (22)

(Gillian Chung Yan Tung). Matters are further

complicated when Reeves innocent younger sister,

Helen (21) (Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin) develops a

romantic relationship with Kazaf. With all the odds

against them, our heroes get some unexpected help

in the form of high-kicking paramedic Jackie Fong

(Jackie Chan Sing Loan). In a high impact final reel,

Reeve, Gypsy, and Helen join forces to fight the Duke

and his minions. Josie Ho plays another vampire slayer

called Lila, aged 25. Karen Mok Mun Wai plays Jackie's

bride in the film. Yumiko Cheng Hei Yee will also appear

in the movie. Anthony Wong Chau Sang plays a vampire

in the film. This film title could be changed for an

international release, i mean not everyone will know who

the twins are.

The opening sequence is vampire hunter Reeve (Ekin Cheng) and fellow hunter Lila (Josie Ho) battle blue-eyed, vampires in a train station in Wales, the fluff begins with the entrance of Reeve's wilful sister, Helen (Twins' Charlene Choi) and her lover, Kazaf (Edison Chen).

Kazaf is a very hip, vampire prince transplanted onto Hong Kong soil from Europe, accompanied by a vampire lieutenant known as Prada (Anthony Wong).

Gypsy (Twins' Gillian Chung), Reeve's new vampire-slaying partner, also gets to live out her romantic fantasy when she falls for Reeve.

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NEWS & photos
14 July
HK$27,260,000 in 20 days
11 July
HK$25,900,000 in 17 days in Hong Kong.

Twins Effects clips

clip1.jpg (11294 bytes)
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clip3.jpg (7902 bytes)
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9 July

It has grossed $25,130,000 in Hong Kong after 15 days.
7 July
Twins Effect's total is now 23.88m in 13 days in Hong Kong.
It's total is now 13.58 millions in just 6 days. The Hulk is only at 7.67 with 11 days. Gillian Chung's other movie Color Of The Truth made 390,000 for a total of 5.56 millions in 10 days.
Twins Effects has broken two magnificient records, first is to break the non-weekend movie premiere cinema record-51 cinemas are showing the movie-the tickets were sold two hours before movie premiere and secondly break the non-weekend movie premiere record-the record of the 7 and 9pm show tickets record.
28 June

HONG KONG idols Twins and Edison Chen left some of their fans screaming in anger at Bishan Junction 8.

They were upset when the celebrities were whizzed off after spending only about 15 minutes there and signing 20 autographs.

Fans had started queueing from 7am to be the first 100 to get the autographs of the stars of the movie The Twins Effect.

Student Chen Weiming, 19, chairman of Twins Fan Club Singapore, and about 20 of his members stood in line from as early as 9am but had no chance of getting near the stars.

He said: 'We're quite disappointed.'

Some members were nearly in tears as they could not hand over a cake they had taken along to their idols.

Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung of girl group Twins, Chen and Josie Ho were at the mall at 8.15pm for an autograph-signing session, which drew more than 500 fans.

The four, together with Ekin Cheng who arrived late on Saturday, were here over the weekend to promote their HK$50 million (S$11.2 million) movie.

  Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Josie Ho and Edison Chen.

To see the Twins Effects music video visit
Edision & Ekin didn't get to sing because using Jackie Chan's influence on the film is meant to help it sell well plus the fact he's good friends with the EEG boss Albert Yeung.

Universal Pictures International has picked up UK, Australian, German, Italian and Scandinavian rights to Hong Kong director Dante Lam's vampire thriller Twins Effect. The film is being handled by Arclight Films.

The deal was brokered by Wayne Borg, Peter Smith and Phil Rudge for Universal and managing director Gary Hamilton for Arclight.

The picture, produced by Emperor Multimedia Group and the UK's Spice Factory, was sold during the AFM to Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment for North America and Latin America. Arclight previously sold Twins Effect stars Hong Kong singing sensations "Twins" Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung, Ekin Cheng and features an extended guest appearance by Jackie Chan.

Other earlier deals included sales to North America and Latin America, Comstock for Japan, Deal Entertainment for France, MPA for Brazil and Portugal, Audio Visual for Greece, Cedarland for the Middle East and Central Partnership for the CIS. 

I don't know if Ekin & Gillian end up together or what happens to Edison yet. I do however think that Ekin becomes a vampire like Gillian.
Gillian becomes a vampire and i think Edison as Kazaf says he's deeply in love with Charlene. Charlene bites Edison.
30 May
charlene & edison
Because he played a vampire role he couldn't stay out in the sun much to avoid a tan. After filming finished he went away to get a tan. The picture above is a photo shoot.
Josie Ho hangs on
Ekin fighting a vampire
Ekin among dead bodies of vampires?

Gillian Chung

Twins Effect cast & Director

Karen Mok & Jackie Chan

Charlene Choi & Jackie Chan

Warning: Spoilers, to read highlight text below.
Ekin's character Reeve dies. Reeve, Helen & Gypsy become vampires.Helen becomes half human and half vampire.Charlene remains human while Kazaf aka Edison becomes a vampire slayer.

Copyright 2003, HKshowbiZ. All rights reserved.
Photos courtsey of EEG, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, Asian box office, The Straits Times or Edsion Adventure Land.