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News-May 01-15


Twins day out

Gillian Chung & Charlene Choi
 Twins had a boat trip kinda like a vaction for them as they relaxed and had fun on board. They did the romantic Titanic thing were Rose wants to Jump, which they had fun with as a joke.

Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi was in Shanghai and the media suspects shes putting on weight because she had more fat around her belly and that her cup size has risen, when will they cut her some slack? She referred that men were wild and she hoped she'd met her man one day.

Cecilia's Mini Cooper which was given to her as a birthday present from her good friend Nicholas Tse Ting Fung.
She was late to arrive at the celebration party for her new film Honesty. It continued to stay at number 2 this week in Hong Kong following X-MEN 2 which was 1st.
Cecilia and Honesty cast
13 May-Twins give

Twins last month promoted their new album Touch of love. EEG has contributed some of the money made to a Beijing hospital.

 Twins are happy with the success of their new album Touch of love which has already gone platnium.
Twins at a Beijing school
Twins help give out some anti-inflammation packages.
Before Twins enter a school in Beijing their hands are disinfected.
Jacky and Eason show what they think of SARS.
eASON Chan Yik Shun expresses his opinion on SARS above saying it's Stupid, arrogant,ricdiculous and sad.
Jacky Cheug Hok Yau Expresses what he has to say in a letter about SARS.
Jacky Cheung
12th May-Joey Yung

The Society of Performing Artists will held a music concert called '1 : 99 Music Concert' this May 24th at HK's soccer stadium.The list of singers enlisted to performing on that day are more than 20.This includes,Jacky Cheung,Andy Lau,Sammi Cheng,Kelly Chen,Joey Yung,Eason Chan,Nic Tse,Alan Tam,Kenny B,Leon Lai,Aaron Kwok,Beyond,Andy Hui,Hacken Lee,Gigi Leung,William So,Miriam Yeung,Shine and others.Yesterday,the press conference for the concert was held.Jackie Chan,although he couldnt make it back to HK to participate,has however called up Anita Mui and donated HKD$500,000 as support.Plus with the donation of HKD$500,000 from a sport society,the amount of donation collected so far is HKD$ 2.1 million.

This time,there has been a lot of sponsors,the soccer stadium was lent out to them.As for the help on the backstage as well front stage,there are helping hands from young singers like Joey,Edmond Leung,Eason and others.They,in private actually wanted to have a donation activity on their own and even wanted to donate their own things to help.Joey : "I've actually thought of taking out my personal stuffs to sell,it'd be better if it's done in EEG's 25th floor office building,so we can save on the rental money."

The tickets price for the concert are divided into 2 section;the commemoration section has HKD$1000,400 and 250,for the kind heart section,there are HKD$250 and 50.The booking for the tickets will start on May 15th via the telephone and on the Internet.

Yesterday also,after the press conference.Joey immediately went and bought stuffs to cook for her mom to eat at home.She explained that since she was busy,she was afraid that she wont have the time to celebrate.The night before yesterday,she had prepared a self made card written with very loving words in it and place it in the washroom so that her mom will be surprised to see the card.She believes that her mom will be satisfied with the card.


Translated By Jamie. Original link


Yesterday Joey's new album autograph signing function was held in Shatin which is said to be a high-risk SARS area. Her hair that day was very special she commented that she is very happy with it :"I really like it,feels like a newborn's hair ,took one hour to set."

Although Shatin is a known high risk SARS area, the function still attracted more than 1000 fans. EEG and the organiser California Red has been taking safety measures,their employees had disinfectants ready and sprays it on the hands of the fans.Each fans must wear face mask.Joey wore face mask and sprayed disinfectant on her mic,hands and didnt shake hands,except for fans who requested for a hand shake.Manager Mani Fok said that they wanted to change the venue but seeing reports saying that the disease is under control lately so they cancelled the notion.

About news reports saying that Joey is replacing Cecilia Cheung and secretly shot a commercial for Coke.In the commercial,she showed her quite full figure.Joey said : "I know,the reports says that my figure is 'Although not a washing board,it's a microwave.' Am I mad at it?Still means that i have the real stuffs!" Will she go and correct it?Joey strongly stresses : "I will not go and make my chest look bigger nor will i eat any breast enlargement pills.I'm satisfied with my chest area.Really scared of big ones,very troublesome even when walking.I will not even do a breast enlargement commercial no matter how much money they give."

About replacing Cecilia : "Actually we are not supposed to reveal it yet,later there will be an announcement.Coca Cola is a big family,there are lot of people in it,I'm just one of the members."

Other than that,there were also reports stating that Yoyo Mung's management company is dissatisfied that in the new series Soccer Kung Fu ,the promotion is only focused on Joey alone.Joey replied that she does not feel that the promotion was on her alone : "Yoyo and I are good friends,there shouldnt be any problems."




Translated By Jamie. Original link


Joey shot a lot of commercials recently and even kicked out Cecilia Cheung from the Coca Cola family by shooting a commercial for them.Earlier,Joey secretly went up to Shanghai to have photo shooting on a boat.Joey who usually covers up everything,wore a low cut singlet (?) showing off her figure.

This year,Joey is really earning a lot of money,there is the Nissin commercial, a clothing brand,Nikon cameras,Siemens mobiles,miscellanous food brands,beauty products and for a body slimming centre.In late April,Joey was discovered going to SARS affected Shanghai to shoot a Coca Cola commercial.She was on a boat with several young people,happily rowing.Reporters finds that she has quite a full figure especially when water was splashed onto her.

As the weather in Shanghai is cold,after finishing a scene,she will immediately put on a thick jacket to prevent from getting sick and get infected by SARS;before a particular scene is getting set up,she will be reading books by the side;other than that ,Coca Cola cans were seen everywhere on the filming location and exposed Joey's identiy as Coke's spokesperson.

About Joey taking over Cecilia's position as Coke's spokesperson,Coke's representative said :"We have signed Joey,that's real.But it's not to replace Cecilia as she still has an ongoing contract with us.It's just that we do not have any new commercials for her to do,Joey havent even shoot one yet!(Reporters then showed proof,showing pictures.)Hah?'s just test screening,just test screening."


Although Joey's song 'My Pride' is very popular,but still there are reports pointing that her popularity has dropped and that Twins and Yumiko are taking over her place.But yesterday when Joey attended a car giveaway ceremony,she says that she knows her own results and that the reports are not of the believeable sorts.She will also not give any reply to this reports.

About the rumours saying that ~H20+ didnt want Joey anymore and that she agreed to shoot another beauty centre's commercial for a very low price,she said that the truth will be revealed soon.As for how much does she gets paid,she says that as the money goes into her pocket,so she should be the one who knows the best.She is cofident that her manager will look for the best price for her.She also said that she is still the spokesperson for the Taiwan and China markets.

After the ceremony,reporters asked if she was given a free car,Joey then turned to the boss of the car company and said : "Boss,they asked if you're going to give me a car!" Who knows that the boss said yes on the spot,Joey on the other hand,says that she is already having a hard time finding parking places for her two other cars. Asked Joey if she will consider buying an new home since Twins' Charlene Choi bought one and that Gillian Chung is on the look for one,she replied: "My dream house is still my current home,it's big and there is a hill scenery,so i'm not thinking of buying one yet."

Joey accepted CRHK's interview and said that her mother is most beautiful when : "Seeing her claening and making sure that our home is in place,and being very gentle to my cats.But when it's caring for me,it's the worst times,because she had to wake me up every morning,and I would get annoyed."Joey sent a watch worth a few thousand dollars to her mother as Mother's Day gift : "She is a very thrifty woman,whatever gifts i give her,she would say that she doesnt like it and a waste fo money.But this time,she didnt complain and immediately wore it."


Translated By Jamie. Original link

Wedding Bells for Eason?

Eason laughed and pretended to be a budda priest when asked by jourbalists about Wedding matters. He intends to marry his long term girlfriend this July but it could be delayed until November due to work commitments.When asked why marry this year he said why not, marriage is a happy thing.

Eason also said that when he really marrys he wouldn't say when to avoid attention so all the above was him mucking about with the reporters or journalists. He also said it wouldn't be this year that he marries and if he does it would be somewhere else like the USA, France and whatever. Basically he ain't gonna let slip to the media when he intends to marry for real.


Eason Chan and Candy Lo

Joey renews Nissin Contract

Yesterday (May 6)Joey had photo shooting for a new brand new commercial from Nissin.Although Nic Tse,Twins and Boy'z worked with Nissin before,but it only lasted for a year.However for Joey who has ended her 1 year contract with them recently,has now renewed her contract and became the spokesperson for the second year in a row.This proves that she is a favourite with them.Joey's manager,Mani Fok commented : "Although the market now is at an all-time low,but her pay has increased 20%." This time she is the spokesperson for the whole Asia region and will have promotion gigs in Canada.

She used 3 hours to curl her hair and said that she discovered something : "I wanted to match this hairstyle with ancient imperial costumes at first,but because this time,the commercial will have my whole head being photographed,so i thought that comtemporary clothes are much more suitable. (Wearing imperial costume,you will have to tuck in your tummy to show your chest,you know?)Because the commercial only wants my head to be photographed,so wearing it would be a waste."

Joey,this month has been earning a lot,she has 4 commercials under her belt and each one pays her a 7-digit pay,she says : "I will save up all the money for my later years. (Didnt you say that you wanted to buy a house?)I've been looking,but i havent find one that i like." Next month,Joey will start going to China to shoot the new TV series ' Soccer Kung Fu' (aka Kung Fu Soccer),Mani : "After she is done with the series and comes back to HK,she will be quarantined for 10 days.We wont let her return to the company yet.It's because we do not want SARS to spread in the company,we have even told our staffs to wear face masks in the company whenever they have went to any high-risk SARS places.The best is not to go out with colleagues to eat."

Joey is infected by her mother,her mother's thriftness,that is.Mani revealed that she was invited by Joey's mother to have dinner at Joey's home during some festival before. Mani : "Her mom invited me to celebrate a festival,when i got up there,there was only luncheon meat,roasted meat and tomato sauce beans being served.Later I found out that Joey was trying to lose weight and her mom was doing the same as well.There is nothing to eat at her home!" This week,Joey will be having her album autograph signing function in Sha Tin.California Red has specially prepared SARS prevention bags for the fans that will be queuing on that day.The content of the bag includes face mask,disinfectant tissue among others.


Translated By Jamie. Original link

Chinese Sex & the City

Carina Lau Ka Ling earlier secretly began work on 2046 and
will soon start on INFERNAL AFFAIRS 3. Recently she has accepted a role in a Wong Jing film that will be similar to the American television series SEX AND THE CITY and will work with Athena Chu Yun, Shu Qi and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi for the first time.

Although the subject will be similar to SEX AND THE CITY, Wong Jing's film will not focus on the subject of sex. The foci instead will be on the four sex symbols in this romantic comedy. Because all four are film stars of certain caliber, choosing lead actor have been an extremely cautious process. At the very least they have to have recognition. The film company is working hard on that and the film can
begin production around July.

Producer Wong Jing says the union of the four great sex symbols will be quite a gimmick but stresses that the film will not be about sex. It will be a highly confidential romantic comedy. Since the four beauties getting together will be a rare occasion, he naturally will capture their beautiful sides.

Also, due to the word of mouth that HONESTY has been getting, the film company is interested in a sequel. Wong Jing expressed that he has that idea but everything has to depend on the leads Richie Ren (Yam Yin Chai) and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's schedules. At the very least he will use the original cast like Chapman To Man Jat and Raymond Wong Ho Yin
because the support players in the film have created quite a chemical reaction.

Sex and the City TV Series

Shaolin Soccer TV

The successful Stephen Chaiu sing chi film Shaolin Soccer will have a tv adaption of it. Filming starts at the end of May.  Joey and Dicky will star.

Dicky Cheung

Joey in Shaolin Soccer

Two days ago, Joey,Clarence Cheung Tak Ho,Anthony Wong Chau Sang and newcomer Alice Pang Wai Kwan plus others,were test screening for the mainland China TV series 'Soccer Kung Fu'.Joey had costume changes 5,6 times and laughingly said that there will 10,20 more costume changes when the series starts filming,and was the actor with most costume changes.When the topic changed to Dicky and her being paired off,and has a number of kissing scenes,she was asked whether she is afraid as there's this SARS being active now,she replied : "Not scared,because those are light kisses only!He and I has so many scene together,the saliva will flying everywhere,what will be will be then."

Clarence Cheung who was once the son of a karaoke company's boss, confessed to having a crush on Joey back in 1999/2000.However when his father's business fell,his father disappeared.Now he has a part in the series that Joey is in.When reporters told Joey that Clarence had crush on her before,Joey was surprised and then laughed,saying : "Dont think so!I feel honoured though!We work together before in 'Winner Takes All',not saying that all of us are close but i do feel that we all are friends in this (entertainment) line.So we wont feel embarrased when we meet.(Do you feel that you have that attraction power ?)It happened a few years ago,if someone dont have a crush on me,i'll be scared!"Reporters continued asking if Clarence suits her requirements,Joey : "I dont care much about the looks department but i have not understand him yet,i think i'll know him more when we starts shooting." She continued saying that she will not be telling her boyfriend about this and that her boyfriend will not be jealous as well.

After the test screening,Clarence was supposed to be leaving the studio but when he heard that reporters has arranged for him and Joey to snap pictures together,he immediately went up back the escalator to the studio.When they are standing there being snapped,they appeared to be having a distance between and didnt exchange any words,Clarence explained afterwards that they were not embarassed as both of them are good friends and points out that they see each other quite often : "If we bump into each other,we'll go and have a drink.If there's a friend's birthday,we would go and play. (So you're not chasing Joey now?)Work come first,I have work to survive!Love relationships has to come later. "


Translated By Jamie. Original link

Figthing over Joey

Yesterday,Joey was in a shopping centre at Causeway Bay for the Mistubishi Colt (Heroic Rendezvous Special Edition) lucky draw function .As it was a Sunday,there were a quite number of parents with children around,more than 200 spectators and fans gathered.More than 10 security guards were called out to guard the place.However,when the lucky draw was underway,there was 2 young male audiences who were fighting for a place,started cursing and pushing one another.The securtiy guards did their job and requested one of them to leave the place.As for Joey,she appeared calm and distracted the audiences' attention by continuing to pull out lucky draws.Joey later said that this is the first time ever since she came into the entertainment, that she has encountered upon a fight a nd expressed that she was afraid.

Joey : "I only saw reporters clicking films away at the back,everything seems disoriented,so i knew something happened and i was scared.At that time,I hope everyone will calm down a little and give way a little."She continued : "Because there were children around,i dont wish to see any innocents being hurt.I believe they both were a little overreacted,but i really hope that they wont use anger to solve problems.They are in a public place so they need to think twice.I just hope that everyone that comes to see me is happy. "

Other news,Joey was on Jade Solid Gold earlier for recording.Joey imitated Anita Mui and dressed up as a witch singing 'Witch'.She also had a duet with Jerry Lam,who is imitating Andy Hui singing 'Cutting open the ice mountain'.Joey is not afraid that Anita getting mad at this: "This is not called imitating,it's called performing,so there are no disgracing been done."She also laughed saying that she wanted to invite Boy'z to act as Grasshopper but due schedule problems,they didnt appear.

There were rumours saying that Joey accepted a really low price to appear in a beauty centre's commercial and isnt willing to wear bikinis for shots.Joey denies it and explains : "We havent accept the offer,we are still discussing about it.Bikinis are not that hot anymore because everyone is wearing them.It has to be something special that it'll project out a beautiful body."  

 Translated By Jamie. Original link

 Joey luvs Hong Kong

Yesterday,Joey attended 'I Love Hong Kong' event and was questioned about her upcoming collaboration with Dicky Cheung in 'Soccer Kung Fu'.Joey said : "We had a meeting a few days ago,my character is one that thinks highly of herself but changes her ways at the end."As the series' shooting location is in Shenzhen,China ,Joey said :"I still have to shoot the series even though i'm afraid,I will do my homework in being clean. (Is your mummy worried?)She is,if she wants,i'll bring her along then."

Although she has not tried the costume for the series,as the leading female actress,she said that there is a challenge.She is supposed to be a well known beauty who is also a little spoiled.She has to have all those pretty girl mannerisms.Coincidentally,Dior Wong has a role as an extremely ugly girl,who has the possibility of stealing Joey's limelight in the series. Joey : "My character works as a model,and is good friends with Dior in the series.I'll be wearing pretty clothes all day long,it's pretty special. (Do you think that your limelight will be stolen? ) It doesnt matter,we are only doing our job.I'm really outstanding too,i have beautiful clothes to wear!"

 Translated By Jamie. Original link

Tension builds for Cecilia?

Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung are busy filming "Mr. Fit". Yesterday, Cecilia was reported to lose temper on the set, Andy tried to talk some nice words, but didn't work. It caused Andy to avoid her. Cecilia's agent Chan Fung said, "All nonsense, Chinastar already settled this with a lawyer."

Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung were filming at Jiu Long Tang for their movie "Mr. Fit" and caused a lot of attention.

Because the weather was so humid, Andy was sweating a lot under his fake muscles. On the other hand, Cecilia was very relaxed, especially she only had to film inside in the afternoon. When it's not her turn is still stays inside eating junk food and making phone calls.


Joey shot her latest MV

Yesterday,Joey and a 19 years old male model shot the MVs for 'Used To HeartBreak' and 'Dull Heart' somewhere in Sai Kung.The 5 ft 11in male model,Brian was chosen by Joey herself from among 100 plus candidates.What made Joey select him is purely because he suits her requirement.Other than having a bathtub scene,the other scenes includes Joey and Brian playing with water and Joey clinging to his arm.

Joey said: "Other than being tall and big,he must have those sparkles in his eyes,has a warm smile and is a jovial person.His face must be a little long,because when u're in front of the camera,it (the camera) would make your face look wide." She was asked if all this was requirements in finding a boyfriend,she smiles and says that the most important is his personality. "Brian doesnt have that 'dating feel',my boyfriend doesnt even look like him at all."

During the MVs,Joey wore diamond jewellery worth more than HKD 200,000 ,sponsored by a jewellery store and the diamond necklace on her neck is given by the jewellery as a gift and is estimated to worth a 5 -digit amount of money.She was also asked if she did any safety precaution due to her quite low cut dress,she mischieviously said "I'm an 'airport' (meaning flat-chested) but then i've pasted sticky paper on it,so it's quite safe."She also revealed that her ex-boyfriend gave her a diamond necklace before but lost it when her previous home was on fire.

In the middle of May,Joey will in Guang Zhou to attend a commercial function and was asked if she is afraid of the SARS problem there,she bravely replied : "I'm not scared,I'll keep myself very clean,I have a lucky life."

Onto 'Soccer Kung Fu',this 30 episode TV series with leading male role by Dicky Cheung has a production fee of 4 million dollars will start filming by the end of May.Earlier,there were reports sayin that Dicky is asking Shu Qi to be the leading fenale role but however,the name list for the leading female role was released by the production company and Joey will be holding the female role instead.Joey will be the love interest of Dicky.As for Dicky's opponents in the series,there will be Anthony Wong Chau Sang,Sandra Ng Kwan Yu,Twins,Boy'Z.For the funnay parts,there are Wong Yat Fei,Chapman To Man Jak as well as newcomers Kwok Lik Hang and Leung Chun Yat.It also known that Dicky ha invited more than 10 popular artistes as special guests.

Translated By Jamie. Original link


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