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10 September
 "Continue Leslie Cheung concert" will be held at Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre, which is held by Hong Kong radion station 881930. Other artists to perform include Alan Tam, Sandy Tam,Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung,Karen Mok, Deanie Yip,Anita Mui, Eason Chan, Anthony Wong, Edison Chen and Nic Tse. Leslie knew Edsion and Nic since they were little and so they looked up to him like a teacher and friend, which is why they were invited to perform.
29 August Alan Tam & Hacken Lee

Time: 20:15

Place : Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia 

Category 1: $141.00
Category 2: $101.00
Category 3: $ 71.00
Category 4: $ 51.00

16 August
Edison Chen will be part of solar project music concert.
11 August
Emperor yesterday invited 14 of its idol artists Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Eason Chan Yik Kun, Dave Wang Kit, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Twins, Boy'z, 3T, Ng Ho Hong, Isabella, Koey and others to the EEG Showroon opening ceremony.

Nicholas danced with the lion dancers and ate lettuce out of the lion's mouth for good luck, then insisted on sharing with Eason and Wang Kit. Joey and Twins pretended to eat it as well.

Kelly will be releasing her Cantonese album together with her earlier Mandarin album and she had specially traveled to Spain to take pictures for the album. Her most memorable experience was to dress up in bull-fighter gear. As Kelly does not know anything about bull-fighting, the director managed to get a bull-fighter to coach her skills and poses. The coach had kept praising Kelly to be pretty and Kelly had initially thought that what he had was only a courteous remark. Unexpectedly, he even expressed his love for her and wanted Kelly to be her girlfriend. Kelly was frightened by his remarks and was at a loss. She had to walk away smiling pretending that she did not hear him. She did not expect men from Spain to be so express their love so openly.

For the photo shoot, Kelly had donned tailored bull-fighting gear that weigh about 10 pounds. She also had to continuously flag a 20 pound red cloth under the guidance of the director. Although it was tiring for Kelly, she felt that it was worth her efforts as the effect was good. Kelly's only regret was that she was unable to take a picture with a real bull. This was because, once a bull was released for fighting, it had to be slaughtered later to prevent it from endangering people.

10 August
 The Worldwide Chinese New Talent Singing Contest was held for the Hong Kong Region and all three top prizes went to 17-year old Chan Wai Ting, taking the "Best Performance", "Best Individual Talent" and "Golden Mic award". The other award for "Audience Popularity" went to Yeung Chun Yin. A group of EEG's stars including Nic Tse, Twins, Boyz and Joey Yeung all made appearances as guest stars.

Nicholas Tse sung "Yuk Wu Deep" (Jade Butterfly) with all the contestants and says that he did rehearse it with them earlier. When asked if he felt any pressure, he said: "No, after all it is my song, but their standards are getting better with every year." Earlier after watching the match Real Madrid played against the Hong Kong team, he appeared at Stephen Fung's birthday party, he says that he couldn't sleep that evening, so he watched Jet Li's "Tai Chi Zhang San Feng" and then started doing Tai Chi and mentioning that he likes the Tai Chi symbol a lot. He said: "It is because it is black and white, clearly different, but the white entails the black and the black leads to the white, so from darkness comes light." However, when it was mentioned about his date with Cecilia Cheung to go and see the football match, he immediately picked up his buddhist beads and started chanting. Nic's girlfriend Faye Wong's birthday was the 8th August, but he has been in Hong Kong for the last few days and not spent the time with his Faye in Shanghai for her birthday, however he refused to comment on these questions. When asked further whether Faye would be angry with him spending all this time with Anita Mui, he explained: "I have had work, appearing at the comics expo and preparing for my concert then opening a showroom on Monday."
8 August

Kelly was back from Taiwan to attend the release of the "Pet Fish" commemorative stamp held yesterday. She was again questioned by the HK media on the . Kelly replied that her brother has already made an apology to his girlfriend and this incident will serve as a lesson to him. Kelly also laughed that she has made pleas to him not to go to the racecourse area as the place is packed with the paparazzi. On the last occasion, Victor had a meal with his father in the area and were pictured and this time, something worse happened. Young couples having a tiff is common but showing that in public is unsightly.

Kelly further supported that Victor's girlfriend is a good girl but both Victor and her are too young to handle relationship problems well. Kelly also gave her experience that when she and Alex had a quarrel, they would not talk to each other for 3 days. However, being together for 10 years, such tiffs are less common now. Kelly had once threw a photo frame with her boyfriend's picture and ended up having to clear the glass pieces herself. Kelly felt that there was no reason for her to reprimand Victor any further as he was already remorseful for his actions. As his elder sister, she can only help him to handle the press.

9 August

Due to the earlier SARS outbreak, Kelly's Mandarin album had to be delayed for 4 months and was finally released recently. To specially thank her fans, Kelly had made greater effort in the recording process and for one of the songs "Gentle Tears", she had spent 5 days to complete which is a record for her.

For the music video of "All I Want Is Love", she had invited Korean star, Park Yong Ha, to starr in it and had also recorded the song in 5 different languages. Working with Park, Kelly has found that he is a humorous person. In return, Kelly has obliged to appear in the music video for Park Yong Ha's new song.

Kelly had also recently been to Taiwan for the promotion of the album and many of her wears for the events were sponsored. From reliable sources, besides her daily wears, Kelly has even got sponsorship for her car and petrol. No wonder she has earned the title of the "Thrifty Pop Queen".

7 August
Jackie Chan's THE MEDALLION held a premiere in Hong Kong. Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi ( in red) wished Jackie Chan well. Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing led its stable of stars to the event. Nicholas Tse, Edison Chen and Joey Yung guest stars in this movie.
Commercial Radio and Beacon College organized First Annual All Hong Kong Form Five OK singing contest took place two nights ago. Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Boy'z and Ng Ho Hong tried to light the mood of student testers on the even of the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination result announcements.

Kelly's  brother, Victor, was pictured shoving and pushing his ex-girlfriend on the streets the previous night. This was very different from his usual gentlemanly and polite self that was seen by people. The tabloids had later given him the title of 'Stubborn Boyfriend'.

Kelly, who was in Taiwan promoting her album, immediately phoned him to understand the situation. Kelly mentioned that Victor sounded lowly and had admitted that he was on the wrong. He had later apologised to both his sister and ex-girlfriend. Kelly added that his brother is well-behaved and should not have done such a foolish thing. As to whether Victor had patched up with his ex-girlfriend, Kelly did not dare to ask more because he was feeling low. She would find out more details after her brother's feelings are more stabilised.

5 August
 Commercial Radio held a five on five soccer match. Singer team has captain Andy Hui Chi On, players Edmond Leung Hong Man, Edwin Siu Jing Nam, Eason Chan Yik Shun, EO2's Eric and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung who due to his foot injury can only play goalie and not forward. On Jai, Ting Fung, Eason and Edmond were all injured during the game. The Singer team edged the DJ team 6-5.
2 August
Nicholas Tse worked on a commercial for an electronic product. After four hours on a trampoline, he accidentally injured his left foot but still insisted on continuing production.
1 August

Kelly's Mandarin album was officially released today in Taiwan and she was present yesterday for the album's press conference. She was dressed in a sexy low cut top with floral skirt and had attracted the reporters to take more photographs. A small fish tank was even accidentally pushed down during the confusion and had given Kelly a shock. She had later warned everyone to be careful.

Another singer who had released a new album in the same period was Jay Chou. Most singers had chose to avoid a head-on clash except for Kelly. Kelly was asked if she felt pressured? Her reply was that both of them belong to different categories and was not worried about being compared with him. Furthermore, both of them have their own supporters and she is confident on her album sales.

Accompanied with Jay's album is a VCD while Kelly's has a karaoke VCD with her past Mandarin hits. 


31 July

Recently, Kelly had acted as a karaoke manager to film a promotion film for the "Customer Month" organised by the Tourism Board and California Red Karaoke booth. Although Kelly is known to be friendly, the extras still felt awkward and excited being served by a big star. However, Kelly's approachable character made them get involved in the shooting easily.

The special "Customer Month" will last for 2 months and tourists as well as HK residents will have a chance to enter the lucky draw to win a condominium. 

30 July

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung two nights ago with Joey Yung Cho Yi and 3T attended the Metro Radio concert. He was so excited about his performance that he lost the Buddhist bead bracelet from sworn sister Anita Mui Yim Fong.

29 July

Ella, one of the members of Taiwan's popular group S.H.E., was serious injured when she fell 3 floors down during a rehearsal this afternoon. Initial reports say that she had broke the 1st vertebrae in her back.

Edison Chen attended the press conference for his to be filmed moive called 7 hours difference (translated title) which is based on a novel written by a chinese girl called Jen on her experience on studying in England. Most scenes will be filmed in London. It will be the first time Edison works with a mainland china director and stars in a mainland china movie. Edison can relate to the novel due to his own experience living overseas in Vancouver. Edison was chosen as the male lead due to his experience, acting in Internal Affairs, his fluent english and young good looks. These were the reason for him being chosen by the director, author and author's mother.The female lead is yet to be chosen but they are looking for a 16 year old chinese looking and doll faced female who is also fluent in English.

Edison's best friend is his dog called Angel and he's had dogs since he was little. He syas alot of people in the entertainment business are fakes which is why he has only about 3-4 friends in that business.

27 July

There were recent rumors that TVB will enforce stricter contract rules on singers so that they do not receive interviews from other television stations especially from Cable Television. All along, the singer's contract with TVB had specified that the singer was not allowed to appear on other programmes other than that by TVB. As there were loopholes in the contract, there were chances that singers had unexpectedly received interviews from other stations. The problem gets acute and TVB has decided to make a stop to this.

Kelly was supportive of this and when she found that one of the reporters who tried to conduct an interview with her was from Asia Television, she politely declined. Kelly had later expressed that sometimes it was very confusing as there was little time for her to look carefully at every tag attached to the microphone before an interview. Has she received any interviews from Cable Television? She could not remember because every reporter had always requested for a short interview. Kelly suggested that TVB should give singers more chances for TV appearances by increasing music programmes for playing new songs.

During yesterday's PCCW roadshow, the company had donated $150 000 to Kelly's Children Education Fund. Kelly laughed that even if she was not paid for the event she would attend it as long as the sponsor was willing to make donations to the fund. Kelly mentioned that after the SARS outbreak, many people had requested to be sponsored by her charity fund and the money in the fund is fast depleting. As such, she has to work even harder.

26 July
Good Times, Bed Times is released in Hong Kong today.In the film LUEN SEUNG NEI DIK CHONG Sammi Cheng Sau Man at her former boyfriend's wedding caught the bouquet and currently boyfriend Louis Koo Tin Lok proposed to her. Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin marries Lau Ching Wan (Sammi's ex-boyfriend) in the movie!
25 July
Nic Tse attended a press conference in Shanghai for a Formula 1 race track. He got a free car and lifetime maintenance.
Kelly and Andy Hui were at Metro Radio station to promote their new radio drama. In the story, Andy Hui and Kelly are a pair of lovers and during the press conference they were arranged to carry a baby doll. Kelly had shown that she was trained well to handle a real baby.

Kelly was later asked if she has planned to be a mother. Her reply was that she will only give birth at the age of 40 and she does not feel that age is too old. As to whether her boyfriend agrees with her, Kelly said that this was her own thinking and has yet to discuss this with him. She would want to enjoy being in their own world after marriage and have children at a later time. What happens if she accidentally gets pregnant? Kelly claimed that she is always certain in her way of doing things and such things will definitely not happen.

Even though Kelly has a liking of children, she fears the pain while delivering the baby. From her friends, she got to know that the process was painful. She even joked that she would rather get the doctor to cut open her stomach and extract the baby rather than to deliver it. Her ideal number of children to have is two; a male and a female. However, she may drop her idea if the process is too terrible. 

Kelly described that her boyfriend, Alex, is a traditional man and greatly wishes to be a father. Her only reply to him is that she is very busy and would not be able to help him. She added that Alex appears concerned about this but has yet to force her to get married. Alex's mother did asked Kelly on marriage matters but she would always smile and not reply to change the topic.

Kelly had earlier done an interview for Metro Radio and she had talked about her views on career and love. Kelly has high expectations on herself and when she is on stage, she will feel that the stage belongs to her. Furthermore, she does not allow herself to be seen badly on stage. She would rather hear the audience criticise her for being untalented rather than being lazy. Kelly had also expressed that she longed to receive a Hardworking Award. As for love, she had mentioned that she is not as strong as her appearance and she will choose to be looked after. To her, girls are most happy when they are cared. However, she is unwilling to receive promises from men that they will take care of her for the rest of her life. Women will need to be independent.
24 July
Kelly was earlier in Korea to film two music videos, All I Want Is Love and It's All My Fault, for her new Mandarin album. Kelly had also specially invited Korean star, Park Yong Ha, to starr in the videos. This was not the first time that they had worked together as they had previously done an ad for an electrical appliance. Although, Kelly was not versatile in Korean and had to depend on a translator to convey her message, both of them managed to get along well. Park had acted as the local guide and brought her to the night market and enjoy the local delicacies.

Taiwan media had even described the two of them as a perfect pair. The music video for All I Want Is Love described the female lead longing for true love but unable to get certained love in return. Under the request of the video director, Kelly had to shed tears in three seconds for the opening scene. This was not difficult for Kelly but this brought on amazement by her partner. Park had later asked why she could shed tears so easily and wanted to know if she was troubled by other matters. Kelly explained that the weather was hot and had wanted to finish the work quickly. Park did not have a good time filming the video too. He was required to run under the hot weather and in order to have a better take, the scene was taken more than 10 times.

Edison Chen and Gillian Chung filmed their cameos as a couple in the new film called "My dad is 007."Edison was meant to play a main character who was the son of Anthony Wong but when he decided not to do it anymore Edison decided to do a cameo instead.
Edison was also rumoured to have been frozen by EEG, so his management company boss had to ask Jackie Chan to talk to EEG Mr.Yeung in order for Edison to be able to release cd's and be in the move "The Twins Effects."Edison's Manager Katherine and music plus manager both denied and said "would Jackie have the time to take care of these little things?"
23 July
Kelly was in Guangzhou to prepare fries at the MacDonalds restaurant for raising funds. Her efforts had managed to bring in $150 000 and the sum will go to Kelly's Children Education Fund primarily to help the needy students in Mainland China.
20 July
Nicholas Tse TingFung has begun a promotional tour for his disk REBORN in Taiwan. Today he appeared in the second stop Tainan.
Nic Tse and Gillian Chung are starring in a new movie where nic is a superstar and gillian is just a normal girl. There are some light bed scenes and the  on screen kiss which will be gillian's first. Gillian confirmed it and said she wasn't the right mood to be ready. It's a comedy.Today, Gill had to film to "Happy People", she said, "It's not even confirmed, so my mood's not confirmed either, but I don't want to be 'jade girl' that will get in my way." And in the JSG seasonal awards, the reporters asked if she minds kissing Nic. Gill jokingly answered, "I don't mind, it's not like he's a monster!"
During yesterday's Neway charity drive for the sale of mooncakes, Kelly had signed autographs for 200 people. The funds for the event will collected for donations to Ren Joi Hospital. She will also distribute stationaries to the people from the Homes for them to sell.

As to the new ruling made by RTHK on new songs being plugged on its radio stations, Kelly made a joke that the record companies' stuff will have less to do in the future and she is interested to change roles with them. Kelly added that she is not  that the new ruling will affect her because every singer gets the same treatment. There were rumors that Chan Siu Po will resign from the position of IFPI Association Chairman after the investigations. To this, Kelly said that the news of his investigation would in a way affect his name. However, more important is to find out the truth and if he is really innocent, he will not need to make a resignation.

16 July-Bribery for the best music awards??
Hong Kong music companies like EEG and Universal are being question on stuff like bribery for Awards, particulary the best selling album ones from award shows like JSG.Nic tse, Juno Mak, Mani Fok & Albert Yeung are among those helping with the investigation by being questioned.
13 July

Yesterday afternoon, Kelly had done the recording for TVB's Teenage Talent Show and had encouraged teenagers to participate in activities during the summer vacation. Kelly had recalled that she had always planned her summer vacation well with enriching activities. She had taken on several temporary jobs before finally going to an ad agency where she embarked on her career in the entertainment scene. 

Kelly had also warned teenagers to be careful when looking for jobs. They should not fall for auditions that require pre-payments as well as taking sexy pictures. As to how she spent her money that was earned in the vacation job, Kelly's reply was that the working experience gained outweighed the earnings. Most of her pay was spent on beautifying herself and food.

Armed Reaction 4 will be aired in Hong kong on october 4 2003. One of the stories is somone uses a car to try and kill Joyce but Marco saves her in time. Bobby and Ada break up but they mau end up together again. One of the main characters die possibly near the end.Because this person died the one who loved that person cried so much that person had to drink lots of water due to crying so many tears.

There is a part about Bobby jumping off a 7 story building. There is also a part where Ever Green Mak comes in and he points a gun to Ada. He is the BAD guy!

Who dies then?Highlight text below.

Marco's character Ching Fung will die. This is true sadly.It happened due to a car crash after ending up in bed with Angie Cheung.

12 July

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung yesterday attended an autograph session at the West Kowloon Center. As soon as he walked into a toy store he bought a puppy doll and tried his to free it from its leash. "A few years ago I visited a 8 year old girl with terminal cancer. At the time her family and doctor all knew she was 'gone'. Her wish was to meet me and (Miriam) Yeung Chin Wa. That day the little girl was already very sick. This puppy was hanging near her bed, but it was a little bigger. At the time I picked up the puppy and removed its leash. I told her, 'Think positively about everything, don't let the leash hold you back anymore. Without the leash you are freed. When you get better I will take you out.' At the time I took the leash off in three seconds, but two weeks later she was gone."

During yesterday's press conference held at Universal Music regional office, an announcement was made that Rock Records will have their albums distributed by Universal Music in the Asia region. Kelly and Emil Chow were invited to represent Go East and Rock Records respectively to witness the event.

On the co-operation between the two record companies, Kelly said that it is a hard time for the record companies and through this merger, there will be more chances for her to work with different singers in the future. There are current plans for Kelly to work with both Emil Chow and Richie Ren. As for other singers, she will need to see if there are any arrangements made by the record company. Most important is that the co-operation is carried out in harmony.

Kelly had also expressed that her current album earnings was far below that compared to 1997. It was fortunate that her concert could be added from 3 shows to 12 so as to maintain her earnings. Kelly suggested that the HK music industry could follow what the Westerners are doing, that is, make mp3 downloads legal and charge a fee for each download. The record companies can also save on album pictures as well as music video production.

11 July

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung yesterday held a celebration for the success of the first disk of his return, REBORN, and its six platinum sales in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. When asked about rumors that Faye Wong has committed suicide, Ting Fung said, "Just see if she is working in the future then you will know! That's ridiculous! I only found out from you (reporters). (He points to Mani Fok Man Hei) I am more afraid that she would commit suicide!" Mani joked, "I should've died a long time ago!"

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung yesterday after the celebration rushed to Television City to guest star in the TVB new series DONG SEI YIP CHO BUNG SEUNG GIM JIM SI (WHEN FOUR LEAF GRASS MEETS SWORD TIP). Tong Si Wing who plays a reporter fall while chasing him and he helps her up.

10 July

Ah Sa fainted while in Shanghai,filming with Gillian,Boy'z and Alex Fong but she's ok now....just need more rest .she was working too hard. and then.. she wanted to get to work right away but her manager stopped her. Poor Charlene and her eyes are damaged.She cant have direct contact with the sun and if possible must wear sunglasses for a while.
Vicki and Ekin Chan are selling their costumes as a means for raising funds for the school fee for poor students. Got great response by fans.
9 July
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's first disk upon his return, 'REBORN', has sold six platinum (300,000 copies) in total sales in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. His pictorial collections have also sold over 500,000 copies. On Thursday Ting Fung plans to hold a celebration to thank everyone involved for their months of hard work. Originally Ting Fung planned to pay for the event himself, but when his advertisers learned of the plan they fought over the bill. Even his company Emperor joined the fray. Finally three of his major sponsors will cover most of the bill while Ting Fung takes care of the rest.
Joey Yung & Roger Kwok's new tvb series is called Not just a pretty face and is airing in Hong Kong after Survivor's Law, Which airs next week in Hong Kong. Survivor's Law stars Juno Mak.This series is sorta like "Chung Mo Yim" AKA The Legend of Lady Chung. It is about a gurl who is really ugly but is kinda hearted, but later turned into a really beautiful woman after a car accident.
8 July
Cecilia Cheung and Andy lau has gone to Beijing to continue shooting of their movie. This morning,Andy had to go to work at 6am,while Ceci began work a bit later,at 9am.Upon leaving the hotel and entering her car,she was seen with wet hair and a can of Coke in hand.When she saw reporters,she politely said "Hi" before boarding the car and beginning her 4 hour ride to the shooting scene.During the whole car ride,Ceci slept until they reached the area.She then entered the working area and didn't come back out.
Miriam, Ronald Cheng, Edmund Leung and Denise Ho filmed the Budweiser beer ad together yesterday. however, Miriam seemed as if she didn't want the rumors (between her and Ronald) to be the centre of attention. she looked rather uncomfortable standing next to Ronald during the photo taking of the crew. after that, the reporters asked for a photo of the two, Miriam finally moved next to Ronald with uncertainty but Miriam's reaction during the shot was still embarrassed and she was often looking away.
when talked about their (Miriam and Ronald) first ad together and the duet-themesong «red and hot as fire», Miriam agreed but she often drifted away to other topics saying that they've being working together long ago. ( Are you guys partering to earn money?)Miriam just replied she would of course be happy to earn money but the happiest should be her managing company. (how about just you two filming an ad alone?) she said it all depends on the product but it would be a no for products with the concept of lovers... on the other hand, Ronald said he would film any ads because he wanted to buy a new apartment. (would u leave a room for Miriam?) he joked, ' if that happens, he would still charge her rent. the reason why i move out is that i always return home late making a fuss and bothering my family.'
Ronald injured his left thumb during the shot of his new film. therefore he had to wear protective gloves to work.Ronald also revealed that Miriam was concerned about that but he said to her that he got injured from playing bowling instead.
so the reporters reminded him about his promise not to lie, he quickly added that it was only a joke. he did later tell her the truth. it seems like Miriam was keeping a distance from Ronald in front of people but personally they are very considerate and caring for each other.
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's grandmother celebrated her 91st birthday. Nicholas flew to Canada to make up for not being able to attend her 90th birthday celebration last year due to the conspiracy case. Mrs. Tse said to the press that she hopes Nicholas can get married soon.
Nic Tse's sis Jennifer Ting Ting Tse and his parents went with him.
4 July
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung on a radio program revealed that he is a sticky lover. Not only does he want his girlfriend to tell him where she is, but also before hanging up he wants a kiss goodbye first. Meanwhile, Emperor has opened an EEG Showroom that will exhibit its artists accessories, photos, posters and disks; for example the mask Ting Fung has worn in his concert will be on display.

Louis Koo might very well leave TVB very soon! His contract with TVB is ending in November, and rumours indicated that he might well be moving to 'CHINA STAR' (The company that made his recent movies) or to the company that Gallen Lo is going to be in.

Miriam had ended her contract recently with Cinepoly. She had also transferred to Paco Wong's record company Gold Label, from what it was heard, Paco had planned Miriam's first project after the transition. It was to partner with Edmond Leung, Ronald Cheng and Denise Ho to form a group called 'True Music' just like 'red hot action la la la' years ago. A beer company has invested HK$1 million into this project. This project would be carried out for 6 months. The themesong for this promotion would be composed by Mark Lui(former member of band Dry) and the four of them would film a MV in mid-August. it was said to stimulate Hong Kong's economics, the MV would shoot  tourist sights in HK. Plus, the four would hold a 'True Music Concert' in the summer holiday. It was believed this project would bring a hit this summer.

2 July

 Twins are not so alike

MAYBE they should drop their Twins name.Two years after the duo entered showbiz in 2001, many people still think Hong Kong's reigning pop princesses are twins.Even today, some people still cannot tell Gillian Chung apart from Charlene Choi. People used to mistake them for sisters when the duo started out after being spotted in a talent competition.'Yesterday, the photographer looked at me and called me Charlene. I told him he made a mistake.'The next minute, he looked at me quizzically again and went Gillian? Charlene?' Chung recounts with a laugh about a photo shoot.

At the interview with Life! at Conrad Centennial Hotel on Sunday morning, she is wearing an off-the-shoulder red top, looking more mature than Choi in a casual blue tank top.

Popularly known as Ah Gill, the 22-year-old Chung has sharper facial features and a higher-pitched voice compared to 20-year-old Choi, or Ah Sa, who has bigger eyes and sounds more ditzy. The latter is effortlessly chirpy and even entertaining, like when she cans the idea of the two of them going shopping together, for fear of proceedings running wild and out of control, like 'a zoo'.In comparison, Chung appears less comfortable in the spotlight.But both go blank when asked how they resemble each other. Their minder cuts in expertly, saying that both work really hard, prompting a burst of girlish laughter. However, the girls have no problems describing how they are different.

Chung says of her partner: 'She's very funny and always makes people laugh. She's also sociable and likes to organise group activities.'

Choi's view is that Chung 'is the type who needs time to warm up to people. People always mistake it for arrogance'.

Chung lets on that the Hong Kong press are upset with her refusal to smile for their cameras.The prettier Twin, who reportedly counts Jackie Chan among her admirers, says with a sense of resignation: 'Whether I smile or not, they will still write bad things about me.'But Choi's smiles and chatty ways have drawn flak too. The sunshine girl has been said to be trying to draw more attention by being more talkative than Chung.The latter is quick to defend her friend though: 'It's to do with our characters. It's not her fault, but is my problem. I tend to speak less so, in comparison, she's just got a lot more to say.'

They are obviously comfortable with each other. Throughout the interview, they often finish each other's sentences.

They deny recent reports that the Twins are disbanding.

Chung attributes the speculation to their preference for different roles. She likes action pictures, Choi goes for romantic comedies.'The more they write about how we are not getting along and thinking of splitting, the closer we become,' Choi says defiantly. Ho Ai Li

1st July

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung two days ago headed to Changsha to promote a Mainland sneaker brand.

30 June-Gen-z-cops
Edison Chen may star in the yet to be confirmed Gen-z-cops film. Stephen Fung, however will not be in it.
29 June
Edison chen will be joining the candidates of Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2003 in Thailand.You can watch the semi-finals in August 2nd. Other guest inclue Shawn Yue and Yumiko Cheng.
Kelly wants to be a teacher and improve the English standards of younger generations. This time, Kelly uses comics to teach English and together with the comic designer had came up with 3 characters. It will be set in the Kelly International School and English will be taught in the daily school life. During Kelly's earlier trip to Korea, she has not forgot to look through the local comic production for ideas. She was also deeply involved in the production work of her comics. The comics will be printed in newspapers and planned to be published as a book at the end of the year. The proceedings will then go to her Children Education Fund for charity uses.
28 June
Sonija Kwok Sin Nei signed an one year contract extension as a spokesmodel for a weight loss program.
26 June-Nic & Faye together again
The rumours are true. Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung and Faye Wong are back together. The pair were photographed out on the streets of Beijing on Sunday night after Tse performed at an event celebrating the end of SARS in Beijing. Neither Tse nor Wong officially confirmed they were a couple but, in this instance, pictures of them holding hands spoke a thousand words.
A reporter hit Cecilia's car and injured her assistant.
When she went to Causeway Bay on June 24 to attend the premiere of the new movie TWINS EFFECT. However,after the movie,when she was about to leave,she finds out her yellow Mini Cooper that Mrs.Heung gave to her for a birthday present has been crashed into by one of the cars of a reporters. Her bumper along with a few other pieces at the back of her car has fallen off. Costs to repair for these damages estimate to be around HK$10 thousand. Ceci however,says that she won't take any legal action against the reporter. "Reporters can get very rough when looking for news. I won't be taking any legal action against them,but they must pay for the repair fee."
25 June Nic still cares about ex-gf cecilia?
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung played Harry Potter(because he is wearing the glasses) when he and his father Patrick Tse Yin dined with Anita Mui Yim Fong and Ho Wan Si two nights ago.
Today,when he was told about Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's car crash, Ting Fung nervously asked about the details. When the reporters told him that her car was damaged, Ting Fung said, "I was asked about her, not that car!" When he learned that Pak Chi was fine he breathed a sigh of relief.

24 June-Nic & Faye
Two nights ago after the Beijing SARS prevention concert, the press caught Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Faye Wong going for a late night snack.

Cecilia had a busy day in Hong Kong today. Starting in the morning,she attended the opening lens ceremony for her new movie MONG BUT LUI (CAN'T FORGET.) At scene was the little boy who plays her son in the movie. Cecilia was seen playing happily with the kid. Many knows that Cecilia has always dreamed of becoming a mother.This new movie would give her a chance to make her dream come true. When asked about when she would have her own kids,Ceci says,"Even before I entered the business,I have always dreamed of becoming a mother. But I'm still young now.I want to focus more on earning money so that when I do have a child,I won't have to face any financial problems. Playing the role does not have any challenges though because since I was young,I've always been taking care of my brothers."

However,looking from her eyes,reporters noted that today,Ceci dosen't seem like the usual carefree her.She seems to have alot going on in her mind. Reporters guessed that it had to do with the reconcile of Nicholas and Faye. Being prepared to be questioned by the reporters about her feelings,Ceci answers,"Love is a very romantic thing.It shoulden't be talked of/commented by a third party.I only wish all couples around the world love and happiness."

Moving away from the topic of Nicholas,reporters wanted to know which type of rumors does she dislike the most,considering she's had so many different types of them flowing around her. "I don't like reports in which reporters secretly take pictures of you and then write up their own stories. Nothing is true."

23 June-Joey & Nic
At Beijing's two day SARS prevention concert Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Joey Yung Cho Yi were added as performers.
22 June-Eason blowout with EEG
Two nights ago at the medical personnel appreciation concert, Eason Chan Yik Shun and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung played nice to dispel rumors that they are at odds.
NIc and faye are back together, but the bigger news is Eason and NIc right now. They arent on the best terms. Sing Tao daily today reported Eason is putting up a $10 million offer to any company who wants to sign him from EEG. Eason is not happy with EEG not nic, but nic is part of the reason Eason is furious over EEG.
Eason is mad at EEG for promoting nic so much, and says he is putting up a $10 million "opening price" to any company who wants to sign him. Nicholas has been away for quite a while so he would need the promotion and Eason's supposed to be best friends with Nicholas.
21 June-Twins to split next year?

They will continue to perform and exist as 'Twins'
but there will me more and more projects for Gill and Sa outside of Twins.

Meaning they will have more solo projects, such as what is going on now but at larger scales which include CDs and public performances.

20 June
Sammi Cheng's new album, which will be 2 discs consisting of a collection of her songs will be released in Hong Kong on 26 June. It will be out in Malaysia in early July.
Universal Music's boss expressed that he does not know if Cecilia will have a new CD out next year. "I haven't seen or talked to her for a long time.Maybe because she's been so busy. If I was in her place, and had such a big family to take care of,I too will put earning money my first priority."
18 June
For the Twins Effects Music Video Ekin & Edison don't sing in it even though they are both singers.
17 June
Nicholas Tse & Anita Mui are not together.
 They have both confirmed that they are like brother and sister. Anita was quite furious over this latest rumour. They were photographed together on a late night out drinking. Nicholas had to drive her home because she looked like she was gonna be sick, in other words too much drinking.
16 June
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung yesterday judged and guest performed at a band contest. Nicholas supervised the rehearsal of a band contest at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibit Center.

14 June-Louis likes to drive

Louis Koo Tin Lik at a radio interview says that he likes buying cars but does not enjoy driving them.

Sony's new "Rise to Honor" exclusive game franchise was built around Jet Li at the international film star's instigation. In addition to providing voice work and motion-capture action for the game, Li worked on the game's story. The game features more than 3,000 moves that Li's friend, Hollywood fight choreographer Cory Yuen ("The One," "Kiss of the Dragon"), captured with the star in Sony's studio. In the game, Li plays bodyguard Kit Yun, who leaves Hong Kong for San Francisco in search of the kidnapped daughter of the man he was paid to protect.

"This game gives the player full freedom to perform the types of outlandish stunts that Jet Li does routinely in his movies," says Jim Wallace, the producer of the game at Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With the help of Jet Li, now anyone can experience the thrills of a Hong Kong action movie firsthand."

Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun-Fat, who starred together in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, will team up again for a new Chinese historical epic, Hua Mulan, which goes into production Aug. 22 in China.

The $30 million Chinese-language film tells the story of legendary female Chinese Gen. Hua Mulan (Yeoh), who pretends to be a man and joins the army in replacement for her aged father. Chow is slated for the role of Gen. Li, who recognizes Mulan's talent on the battlefield and boosts her up the ranks but later finds himself falling for her feminine side.

The Hollywood Reporter says the film will be directed by Peter Pau, the Oscar-winning cinematographer of "Crouching Tiger" who helmed Yeoh's 2001 film The Touch. Wang Huiling, from mainland China, who penned the "Crouching Tiger" script, is writing the script.

The shoot takes place in seven major locations in China, including Qinghai, Chejiang and Beijing. It also will include a major battle scene -- a re-enactment of a battle between the Han Chinese and the invading Turks -- featuring more than 1,000 extras and 300 horses.

June 12-Nic's Reborn album conference
At Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's new disk REBORN press conference, he said about his rumor with Anita Mui Yim Fong, "She is just being nice and recommended a psychiarchist to me!"

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung attended a radio interview and avoided talking about Anita Mui Yim Fong.

Side Note: Anita Mui and Nicholas have sworn to become siblings in front of Buddha.

10 June

Patrick Tse Yin  talked to his son Nicholas Tse Ting Fung over the phone on a radio program. Ting Fung even designed a tie for him for Father's Day.

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