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23 June-Twins Effects premier
 Twins,Edison Chen,Ekin Cheng,Josie Ho,3T, Joey Yung and others went to the screening of the movie at the Mongkok cinema, which attracted thoushands of people & fans. Joey will be participating in the RTHK Solar Project concert which is going to be held in Suzhou this August 16th.Other singers includes F4,Andy Lau,Leon Lai,Eason Chan,Twins,Boy'z,Nic Tse and Faye Wong.This concert is also a celebration concert due to the news that HK and Beijing now are off the travel advisory list.
23 June-Bags of clothes for Kelly

Yesterday night, Kelly had set off for Spain to shoot the pictures for her new album. She had expressed that her fans had given her feedback that they liked the pictures that were taken in Greece for one of her old albums. Also to beat piracy, the company has decided to increase the cost in production to have the pictures taken abroad. This time, Kelly has brought 3 baggages containing almost 50 different suits of clothes and 20 pairs of shoes. The clothes are mainly shorts and mini skirts. Kelly said that they are mostly lively looking and not intentionally sexy. Kelly's trip to Spain meets the bull-fighting season and she has hoped that she would  be able to take a picture with the bull. As the crime rate in Spain is rather high, she has bought travel insurance for her baggage. 

Victor was recently back from Taiwan and Kelly had taken a meal with him. Although Kelly was sad that Victor had lost much weight due to his work in Taiwan, she felt that it would make him look better on screen. Kelly added that Victor would sign a contract with Decca Records in Taiwan. As for HK, it still remains to be decided. Victor will be staying in Taiwan to film a drama serial. Even though Kelly had once acted in a Japanese drama serial, she is not keen to film another in HK. She would rather spent time holding more concerts. 


22 June- Nic isn't a liar?

On to reports saying that Faye Wong and Nic Tse are back together again,and that Faye personally bought clothes for Nic,Joey said that she has asked Nic about the authenticity of this matter : "I was being nosy .I want to play with him! (So was he happy when he answered you?) It was very stylish,did he pose?Yes,he did.I only need Nic goh goh (brother) to tell me no,I will believe.Because he is wearing a 5 year old Prada shirt tonight."

Joey stresses that, Nic seldom tell lies and brag about things : "I only know one 'Bragging King'(Eason),and not 'Bragging Fung'.As long as Nic is happy,it's enough." Joey revealed that Nic sent her a necklace for her birthday.She said that she will give the same present to Nic on his birthday.Asked about Cecilia who was reported to have swore while filming in Sheung Wan,Joey : "Those kind of people (reporters) has no morale,we artistes are in the public eye,they are not,so whatever they say,they dont need to take responsibility for it.Therefore there's no need to care about them.I'm lucky that I've never gotten this kind of reports. It's maybe because I seldom go out."

Translated By Jamie
21 June-Joey sings to help remember

Nearly 20 singers participated in the RTHK Dr. Tse Yuen Man appreciation function that was held last night in Hung Hom Coliseum.The audience of the night includes government officers,non-governmental groups as well as the family of the affected SARS victims. The group of singers,to honour the medical personnel, wore black and white.

During the function,various collaboration was seen. Kit Chan sang duet with Eason Chan on a English song ; Joey, Gigi Leung and Au Sui Keung sang folk song ; Leon Lai and Andy Lau sang one song ,Nic Tse, Andy Hui and Karen Mok sang on one too and so on. Joey also sang the poem song that was written by Dr.Tse's husband and song composed by Nic entitled 'The Meeting Beneath The Rainbow'.

Translated by Jamie
20 June-Colour of truth released in Hong Kong

COLOUR OF THE TRUTH (Chinese title: BLACK AND WHITE FOREST), is sharing the same format with INFERNAL AFFAIRS, a mega hit in 2002. Police officer Wong Geung is set to arrest crime boss Mang Chiu, but Mang Chiu is tipped off by Chat Hei, Wong Geung's fellow colleague. A rooftop showdown with the three ends up with bloodshed. Chat Hei and Mang Chiu are killed. Chat Hei is declared died in line of duty and Wong Geung still knows nothing about Chat Hei's secret deal with Mang Chiu. Chat Hei's son Ho Lok thinks Wong Geung killed his father and wants to take vengeance on him, while Mang Chiu's son has gradually learned the rule of playing on both sides of the law...

Directed by Wong Jing, Mak Ji-Sin; Starring Anthony Wong, Jordan Chan Siu-Cheung,Gillian Chung,Raymond Wong; Special appearance by Sean Lau Ching-Wan, Francis Ng.

Shaolin Soccer in USA
It's now confirmed that it will finally be realeased in America on August 8th after so many delays.The cast had to learn english wehen dubbing the film. It was cut as it was too long.
19 June-Joey's success

Joey,all along is a person who easily gains on weight and has difficulty to lose it,however,ever since she signed on to a beauty and fitness centre as its Fitness Hall spokesperson,she had lost 20 pounds using a method called cocktail therapy.

Actually when she was filming the TV series Mei Lai Joi Mong,she has been reported by Orientaldaily to have supersize buttock and so on.After losing the weight,she is again revealing her figure,this time,short skirts with low cut sleveeless.She also wore bra-top along with shorts.During the commercial,to project that healthy yet sexy image,Joey wore designers' clothes from European brands like Prada,Fendi and so on.The production fee for the commercial exceeds 7 digit figure.

Joey commented about losing her weight's success : "Now I dont eat any fried food,plus I've stopped eating meat,but I still can eat seafood,bread and ice-cream!I'm very happy that I dont have to abstain from eating those!Now I'm more daring to wear sexy clothes,because showing my back is not important,most important it's photographed in a pretty way."

In addition to her success on losing weight,she has gotten the results of her latest album sales report.Her album My Pride has reached double platinum (100,000 copies) and is now out of stock.The special second edition of her album is now in the market and is reporting sales of double platinum too.


Translated by Jamie

17 June-On search for a new star

EEG and TVB will co-held the 2003 Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in Hong Kong and it's scheduled to begin in August.Joey,Twins,Yumiko,Boy'z and the previous winner Deep Ng attended a function regarding the championship. Coincidentally,it was also Joey's 23rd birthday yesterday.The organiser presented her a birthday cake while her friends each gave her a kiss.

Her boyfriend gave her a practical gift and left it in a place that not that easy to find : "I had to find it myself,it's like finding treasure!" As for EEG's executive Ng Yu,he expressed that whatever she wants,she gets it for her birthday.Joey,seeing the chance,said :"The gifts that I want to get is free make-up,free hairstylist and free van rental.This all are very expensive."

Onto the newcomer Deep Ng,Joey gave him a title as 'The Good-looking Version of Eason',when Deep heard of this title,he modestly said : "Thank you" and continued : "If I was the good looking version of Eason,then Eason is the pretty voice version of Deep Ng." When reporters asked if Joey is not afraid that Eason will start giving her nickname again,she replied : "He did! He called me Big Mouth Joey!"  


Translated by Jamie

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