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Shawn Yue's official website is open


The website address is

Kelly Chen promotes Mcdonalds

Kelly Chen Wai Lam has become the first entertainer to promote McDonalds in Hong Kong. Kelly is promoting their Shake Shake product.

Pop Star Tse Sued for Damages Over Crash

HONG KONG - Asian pop sensation Nicholas Tse has been sued by a lawyer who says he was injured during a car crash involving Tse last June.

Lawyer William Kuo said Tse's negligence caused the crash and that the owner of Tse's Audi, Imperial Well Ltd., should be held liable.

On June 29, Tse's Audi collided with another car, police have said. Tse suffered head injuries but quickly recovered.

The South China Morning Post said Tuesday Kuo was in the car hit by Tse, although the lawsuit, filed Saturday, doesn't specify this. It did say Kuo was also injured, but did not give details.

The lawsuit did not specify the amount of damages being sought. Kuo and Tse's lawyers did not immediately return a phone call from The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Tse, the son of movie star Patrick Tse Yin and veteran actress Deborah Li, has gotten into trouble previously from bad driving.

Tse was convicted last year of conspiring to pervert the course of justice after letting a chauffeur take the blame when Tse crashed his Ferrari in March 2002. No one was injured.

He was ordered to complete 240 hours of community service, but spent two weeks in jail while awaiting sentencing. Tse has appealed the conviction, but is serving his sentence.

Tse also had his license suspended for a year because of speeding.

The actor and singer took a half-year break from show business during his troubles last year but recently launched a comeback.

Hong Kong celebs fight against Sars

Hong Kong pop star Sammi Cheng (news) (L) and Andy Lau (news) attend a campaign to fight against the flu-like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong April 19, 2003. Six main Hong Kong electronic media organizations came together in the fight against SARS and held a 36-hour non-stop campaign to encourage front-line medical staff and support Hong Kong residents during the outbreak crisis.

Celebs fight goes on

Hong Kong artists including (from left) Gigi Leung, Cecilia Cheung (news), Hacken Lee (news), Sammi Cheng (news), Andy Lau (news), Alan Tam, Aaron Kwok (news) and Andy Hui take part in a campaign to fight the flu-like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong April 19, 2003. Six Hong Kong electronic media organizations came together to hold a 36 hour non-stop campaign to encourage front-line medical staff and support Hong Kong residents during the outbreak crisis.

Sammi's upcoming album

Around mid June, Sammi will be releasing a new song + compilation cd.

   Cecila back with Daniel??

After Cecilia's rumours with Edison Chen and Jordan Chan, she is now rumoured to be back together with Daniel Chan. They both quickly told reporters that they are not back together; however, they admitted that they are still friends and still eat dinner together occasionally.

Cecilia's "single life" is certainly not boring. After going to Japan with Edison, and Sun-taning in Thailand with Jordan...reporters are now saying that Daniel and Cecilia secretly got back together.

The article said on April 11th (midnight), Cecilia and Daniel both drove their own cars and saw each other on the road. Also, both cars have scratches... and Daniel said that he will get his car fixed. When reporters asked Cecilia's manager from Chinastar is they really got back together... she said "It's just a hilarious rumour... explaining would just be a waste of my time".

When reporters asked Daniel's manager, she replied "Nonsense, I don't have to answer that, you should ask story writer who started all this". The picture below was taken when they were dating.

Twins new cd

This is the new album from Twins sponsored by H20

 Music Awards to be held in China

A mainland China radio station will hold a 2002 Music In China Popular Songs Awards,this coming May 23th in Fujian.The name list of singers that are in the top 5 for Best Male Singer and Best Female Singer (HK) has been released.They are male : Daniel Chan,Aaron Kwok,Andy Lau,Eason Chan and Jordan Chan,female : Sammi Cheng,Joey Yung,Gigi Leung,Karen Mok and Kelly Chen.

The station has given invitation to all the singers to be in the awards but is afraid that the SARS phenomena will deter them from attending the show.The station has been persistent in pursuing the music companies to allow their singers to attend,as for the singers,they all have told Oriental Daily that they are not afraid of SARS and will try their best to be there.Sammi who has asthma,worries that she might get infected so she decided to see the doctor before making the move whether to attend or not.

Joey and Eason's manager Mani Fok gave comment: "Of course they will go!They both got in the top 5,as for the safety precautions,that we have to leave that to the station to handle."

More Jade Goddess pics



Jay was a high school heart throb

Taiwan new person Ssu Du originally was Jay Zhou Chieh lun high school schoolmate, she said his personal connection is very good even though he was silent. Jay can play a stringed musical instrument, he also can play basketball, when he is in the field, he can have a class of female students in the field to scream "good commander-in-chief." "He shoots a movie and is certainly very busy. He has become the Asian young Son of Heaven."

Nicholas gives jeans the edge

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung yesterday went to the
Shanghai attendance jeans release conference, he along with other female models promoted the jeans. He also designed the unique jeans by the color and the design and he also attracted the hundreds of Shanghai residents to surround the area. Although the pneumonia erupts in the inland, the situation is serious, an so but Nicholas therefore makes the foot to guard against the inflammation measure by no means, the entire journey has not seen him to put on the mask and he also is not willing to stay overnight in Shanghai.

In addition, Nicholas's sale price recently also again
created the peak. Nicholas will always have the movie company to make a movie with him, he first has the Eastern movie company after a four million dollar successes to meet "Unreliably pats God Soldier To be wonderful", according to the entire world movie
company on the other day on by 420 ten thousand dollars, signed a movie deal with Nicholas, this piece will begin shooting soon. The entire world
proprietress forest too acknowledged signs the next movie piece with Nicholas. This is all because Nicholas is a fine athlete, when the forest too was asked whether by the superelevation price tag under a Nicholas movie piece approximately, the forest too with a smile language, only didn't say:
"Does not speak the money, even if is a price, thunderclap front all value." But English emperor entertainer management department inspector general Huo Wenhsi also said that, "Everybody good has the confidence in Nicholas, but the company can consider Nicholas can give in the spatial music to create with his development."

Jackie unhappy due to SARS in Hong Kong

Jackie Chan is an unhappy man these days. Reason being his native Hong Kong is under the grip of the deadly Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) and even he can't do anything about it.

"I keep making movies to give jobs to people in Hong Kong, to bring in money to help the economic situation, to try to do something besides just talk, to make Hong Kong better. But it makes me very sad to see how my homeland has declined," the martial arts star was quoted as saying by

"Everything bad that can happen to a country has happened to Hong Kong in these past few years. First there was the chicken flu, then swine fever, then chicken flu again, the stock crash, real estate crash and now this new SARS disease," he added.

Entertainment slows down in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong there are less concerts to see as they are either delayed or canceled. Due to this Hong Kong popstars have more tome to themselves. Alan Tam and Hacken Lee said they now have more time to play mahjong. The entertainment people also prefer to at at home rather than eat out. Rain Lee said she had more time to eat at home and learn from her mum how to cook, she hopes she will get a chance to cook it for others.

Mariah Carey's June 11th concert at the Padang is being delayed.

Mariah, with the assessment of her management team, has decided not to proceed with the Singapore concert on the June 11th date after taking into consideration the latest developments of SARS and that there is still a travel advisory recommending against traveling to Singapore from both World Health Organization and US State Dept.

The Singapore concert will proceed either in July following her Japan tour, or in November after her European Tour. Her China and Hong Kong tour dates had already been cancelled, with Seoul and Singapore pending. The new concert date will be announced on May 5th 2003. Ticket sales are suspended until May 5th 2003. If a re-scheduled date either in July or November is being confirmed, all existing purchased tickets are still valid and ticket sales will continue.

Asian pop superstar Nicholas Tse who had agreed to be the special guest and to do a duet with Mariah for the June 11th date is expected to be available for any new date.

In the case that a new date cannot be confirmed on May 5th, all existing ticket holders will be given a full refund and the concert treated as cancelled since there would be no fixed date for re-schedule.

Mariah Carey image

Jackie Chan's son the next Edison???

Make way for the new generation. It is heared that action star Jackie Chan's ''secret'' 19-year-old son is planning to release a pop album in July. Jackson Chan Cho-ming - also known as JC or Jaycee - is the latest in a scrum of emerging ''second-generation'' artists, including Edison Chen Koon-hei, Josie Ho Chiu-yi and Sam Chan Yu-sum. He was born in 1983 in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Triple performance in America By Kelly

Kelly Chen Wai Lum went to American on April 20 before dawn 2 Oclock (HK time on April 21 2 PM), to launch the American Atlantic City Lin flying apsaras dance party. She also went to North America for her first scheduled performance. On 23rd of April Kelly went to Toronto and on 27th April in San Francisco, altogether she did three performances.

More pics form Jade Goddess

 Vicki with onscreen son for Jade Goddess.


 Nicholas song is remixed into a dance version?

(4/22/2003) Nicholas Tse Ting Fung yesterday attended a radio program and blasted his record label Emperor for remixing his hit WOOT JEUK VIVA two years ago. "The dance version's first line echoed WHO for 30 seconds, the sweat on my forehead was bigger than Mariko-chan's head. People were laughing themselves to death. I complained to the company and even sent a memo in the name of my production company to tell the label to give me an advanced warning before messing with my songs."

"The trend now is 'creative singers'. Everyone says they know everything, they overly embrace 'creativity'. If I follow trends then four years ago I wouldn't have carried a guitar, performed on stage, and being made fun of as an idiot when the trend was dance. The company even forced me to dance, I refused to give in and returned to Canada."

Nic was also angry about a magazine publishing his idol Wong Ka Kui's remains. "Why does he get no respect before and after his death? I think Ka Kui wouldn't mind because he is already at another place and doesn't have to concern himself with worldly things. (The magazine is your company's flag!) I am angry no matter which flag it is under."

Grace is back on TV

Due to the popularity of shows about ghosts and spirits etc this tv company has decided to film a new series Called
and yesterday a few of the main characters including Tou Dai Yu, lee San San and
!!GRACE!! attended a costume design (?) press conference. In the series Tou Dai Yu plays a doctor who is troubled mentally. The series is also about SARS and they were supposed to film at a hospital however the boss decided that in order for everyone to be calm they will scrap that idea and just build a set of the hospital instead.
In the series GRACE is police womam the SARS epidemic has also affected her in terms of her store in Guang Zhou. Her store will cease operation for a month, and now she will be filming the series in HK. To feel safe Grace's family has already told her to wear some jade accecories to protect her from spirits etc...

Nicholas's fans don't leave him in peace

On April 14 Nicholas Tse and Vicky Zhao Wei strolled the street corner and discussing the sentiment in the coffee shop but nearly ten thousand fans to gathered the outdoor scene place.The process day before yesterday was a fearful experience, Nicholas is frightened again and does not dare to leave the entrance, and so only had with other people playing the Chinese chess to kill the time.

 Photo from Jade Goddess film shoot

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