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Twins Effect

Hong Kong movies


Twins Effect comes out Tuesday

23 June 2003.

Singapore-3 July 2003

Asian pop sensations Gillian Chung and

Charlene Choi are a pair of Chinese

sword-swinging Buffy variations, assisting

fellow flowing -haired vampire hunter Ekin

Cheng in tracking down a royal bloodsucker

who intends to blanket the world in darkness

 and allow his kind to feast heartily.

And because no magor Hong Kong production

 is complete without an appearance by the

omnipresent Anthony Wong, he graciously

 offers his services. Jackie Chan also drops

 by to make things even more worthwhile.

The Twins Effect

Ace vampire slayer Reeve (30) (Ekin Cheng Yee Kin)

tracks his archenemy, the Duke Decotes (Mikey Hardt)

to Hong Kong. The Duke is hunting for Kazaf (Edison

Chen Kwoon Hei), the fifth prince of a vampire nation.

With Kazafs blood and the ancient vampire bible, the

Duke will bring a new age of Darkness. On arrival,

Reeves learns that he has a new partner, a feisty but

inexperienced young beauty named Gypsy (22)

(Gillian Chung Yan Tung). Matters are further

complicated when Reeves innocent younger sister,

Helen (21) (Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin) develops a

romantic relationship with Kazaf. With all the odds

against them, our heroes get some unexpected help

in the form of high-kicking paramedic Jackie Fong

(Jackie Chan Sing Loan). In a high impact final reel,

Reeve, Gypsy, and Helen join forces to fight the Duke

and his minions. Josie Ho plays another vampire slayer

called Lila, aged 25. Karen Mok Mun Wai plays Jackie's

bride in the film. Yumiko Cheng Hei Yee will also appear

in the movie. Anthony Wong Chau Sang plays a vampire

in the film. This film title could be changed for an

international release, i mean not everyone will know who

the twins are.

Could be rated IIB in Hong Kong. Comes out June 2003

or later in H.k. U.S.A-Winter 2003 or early next year.

Prepare for the global effect of the Twins

The Twins Effect screens in the summer, but

already sells the multi- countries copyright,

sealed encroached on capital the gate. The

critical time has becomes outstanding assumes

personal command, is filled the film executive

to the box office the confidence, moreover

Europe and America appears to be giving into

a Twins upsurge, therefore the overseas

market for "The Twins Effect" looks high.
The Emperor Entertainment Group are full of

confidence, that the movie can get the global

film executive to pay attention. The Twins Effect

has sold the multi- countries copyright,

including places such as Europe and America,

Japan, Australia, Colombian 3 stars buys US'S

copyright, round the world the movie buys

Europe's copyright, estimated already may seal

encroaches on capital the gate. Although

"The Twins Effect" is really good in the

overseas response, the movie company most

hoped may infiltrate the Chinese market.

This year "The Twins Effect" can screen in the

whole world, but the Hong Kong audience can

take the lead to the summer vacation to appreciate.

Edison's next film is The Medallion (formerly

named HighBinders) as a waiter. Nicholas

Tse also stars as a waiter. Joey Yung stars

as a meter maid. Sammo Hung stars as a

SDU cadet.He stars along with Jackie

Chan, Christy Chung and Anthony Wong.

It's about Jackie who plays a cop called

Eddie Yang, hot on the trail of an

international slavery ring led by

the villianous Snakehead (Julian Sands).

To assit his investigation is British

detective Lee Evans and law enforcement

agent Claire Forlani. The director is Gordan

Chan and the scrpit was by Gen-x-cops

writer Ben Logan. It will be released in U.S.A

August 15 2003.

Joey Yung

Edison, Jackie and Nicholas













Trailer from EMG

New trailer from EMG

Horror, comedy and high impact martial arts action collide in The Twins Effect!

Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi, popularly known as 'Twins,' are Asia's hottest pop group. In their action movie debut, they play a pair of vampire slayers bonded in blood as they take on an ancient evil. Guiding them in their battle is a high-kicking Hong Kong paramedic, played, in a special appearance, by international action superstar Jackie Chan. Behind the camera, the film combines the talents of award-winning filmmaker Dante Lam, from Beast Cops, and action director Donnie Yen, of Blade 2.

Also in the cast are Ekin Cheng, from the SFX actioner Stormriders, teen idol Edison Chen, of Gen-Y Cops fame, Josie Ho, from the Cannes Festival-nominated Tai Tai, and Anthony Wong, the award-winning actor from Beast Cops. Swiss-born European actor Mickey Hardt, star of the German action TV series 'Der Puma', plays the villain of the piece.

The Twins Effect is the latest actioner from EMG, producers of the forthcoming US$40m Jackie Chan blockbuster Highbinders, and was shot on location in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Here are the Twins receiving some of Donnie's ultimate Kung Fu secrets !!!!

Pics from Trailer


Yumiko Cheng
Anthony Wong

Josie Ho

Ekin as Reeve fighting a vampire

Gillian and ekin

Mickey Hardt being kicked by Ekin





Twins-Gillian & Charlene


Release Date: TBA 2003 (Video)
Studio: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
Director: Dante Lam, Donnie Yen
Screenwriter: Jack Ng
Starring: Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Jackie Chan
Genre: Action, Horror

Ekin kicking Donnie Yen
Ekin trying to kill a vampire
Ekin & Josie

(c) HKshowbiZ All rights reserved. Photo's or content courtsey of EMG, Cinescape, Linmlai, Monkeypeaches and Edison Adventure Land.