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Edison Chen-Every girl wants a piece of him


ONE look at Edison Chen and you know he is superstar material.

With his boyish good looks, sparkling large brown eyes and his signature cheeky grin, there is no doubt that every girl wants a piece of him. All 1.77m of him, that is.

Sporting a new crew-cut hairstyle, the 22-year-old was friendly, chatty and portrayed an air of playfulness, unlike his cool on-screen persona.

Thoughout the 30-minute interview last Sunday morning, he appeared thoughtful and was even candid enough to admit that he did not think very highly about his new movie, The Twins Effect.

He had better things to say about his next film, Infernal Affairs 2, which he had just finished shooting last week.

He said: 'I cannot say that I've worked on a better show. The script is so well written, I don't think anything can go wrong with it.'

But his enthusiasm waned a little when he was asked about his Infernal Affairs co-star, Shawn Yue, with whom he had reportedly locked horns previously.

'Well, let's put it this way. Do I have dinner with him or do I like his work? No. But do I hate him and did I have a fight with him? No.

'I don't really feel too happy about his attitude and his values. I'm sure everyone has someone that he dislikes and I'm open about it,' he added curtly.

Chen, who rose to fame three years ago after he starred in the movie Gen-Y Cops alongside Stephen Fung, has been plagued with countless rumours since then.

His love life in particular has been a constant talking point in Hong Kong - he is reported to have had at least 20 girlfriends since he entered the industry.

'In Hong Kong, a lot of people tend to think that a guy talking to a girl means that they're having some kind of affair,' he said.

He attributed his problems to the open nature that his Canadian upbringing has instilled in him.

'I don't really care. If my friend, who is a girl, wants to have dinner with me, why not? I don't think any human being should see anything wrong with that.'

On recent rumours linking him with Gillian Chung from the Twins, he claimed that they are nothing but good friends.

He added with a laugh: 'She's my little god-brother's good friend and I usually don't touch my friends' friends.'

But he was a little evasive when it came to revealing specifics about his girlfriends.

'To be honest, I don't have that much time and energy to fulfill 20 girlfriends but I'd have to say that one or two of the rumours were true.'

Chen was less edgy when talking about his fans and how he loves interacting with them, even though their groping can get a little awkward at times.

'I don't blame them for it. If I saw Alicia Keys, I'd want to grab her and kiss her too,' he added cheekily.

Y2k Music Videos interview with Yumiko Cheng

This is only some of the interview translated

Presenter-I saw your new music video where youre dancing a lot and doing various types of it. Are you taking the path of becoming a dancing queen?

Yumiko-Actually I really like to dance.

Presenter-What kind of music do you like to dance to?

Yumiko-Funky jazz.

Presenter-After filming The Twins Effects with Ekin Cheng, what kind of role-play would you like?

Yumiko-Actually I would love to do kung fu cause its really exciting.

Presenter-Who would you like to work with?

Yumiko-Emm..Chow sing chi (Stephen Chow).

Presenter-So a Shaolin Soccer 2?

Yumiko-I think Kung Fu is good.

Presenter-So we can look forward to a kung fu fighting Yumiko?

Yumiko laughs.

Presenter-Do you like to sing slow or fast songs?

Yumiko-I really like to sing fast songs because then I can dance. When I sing and dance on stage I really enjoy it.

Presenter-I think that your fast songs have improved a lot. Singers, apart from being able to dance if they could play instruments, what instruments do you want to learn to play?

Yumiko-Gon Kum and guitar.

Presenter-Is there any singers you really like, you know like your idol, have you?

Yumiko-I kinda like Madonna because everytime she comes out she has a different appearance.

Presenter-Do you have any other ambitions?

Yumiko-To write and compose songs and to do more dancing.

Presenter-Ok, I would like to thank Yumiko and well see her next time.

Yumiko-emm..bye bye.

Lydia interview with Andy Lau on Jade Starbiz.

Shown on Tuesday 17 June 2003

In the living room (sorry but I missed the start of this interview)


Andy-I dont think my Mandarin songs are sung well but people who listen to Mandarin say it sounds good.

Lydia-I love to hear you sing but I havent heard you sing for quite a while.

Andy-Yeah I no that Ive been away for a while. (His last full cantonese album was 2 and a half years ago) I wrote six of my songs on my new album (If one day).

Andy goes to the kitchen to cook scrambled egg with mushroom and tomatoes for him and Lydia.

Lydia-Have you ever cooked?

Andy-Well I always cook omelettes.

Lydia-You eat those all the time? Show some manners; youre showing your saliva.

Both laugh

Andy-I never really cook actually

Lydia-What about when youre hungry late at night?

Andy-Im really good at making sai dor.

Lydia-Then why are you not making that?

Andy-I dont have sai dor. Do you like to eat the ones with peanut butter?

Lydia-Yes, I love it, it smells nice.

Andy-You see.

Lydia-No its not like that, wah you only seem to be average at it. Whats that mushrooms..?

Andy-This is the Japanese type with the inside broken.

Both laugh.

Lydia-That means you had it added together, and you cook it. Would you cook it for your wife to eat one day?

Andy-I think I would.

Lydia-Its ok now

Andy-Is it hard now?

Lydia-Yes, it smells nice and looks beautiful. It really smells nice. Do you have any special requests?


Lydia-So you eat anything?

Andy-Well actually there is, I dont eat beef.

Lydia-You dont eat beef and for how long have you not eaten beef?

Andy-13 years.

Lydia-It smells really nice.

Andy-Would you like to try it?

Lydia-Ok. Do you eat anything special like abalone or seafood..?

Andy-I like soup (Tong), its ok.

Lydia-mmm, it really is delicious. Ok lets take it to the living room to eat.

Milk Magazine issue 98 interview with Daniel Wu & Miriam Yeung


Milk: The box office record for Love Undercover was not bad. How did you feel about filming the sequel?

Miriam: Very happy of course. I wished the sequel would turn out better because people put their expectations higher for sequels & I can assure that it will not disappoint any of you.

Daniel: I am also very happy to work with Miriam and the crew again. This time, we became more cooperative and the filming process was pleasant. Even though Miriam still can't resist laughing but she became more mature.

Miriam: Really? Mayb because 'Fong Lai Kuen' is already married!

Daniel: Maybe! Everyone will see 'Fong Lai Kuen' going to the fruit markets, cooking and taking care of her husband. Surprising hey? Miss Dumb can be observant and caring sometimes!

Miriam: Ai ya, don't scare them! You should say this is an ever-after type romantic love story. Its very sweet. You guys would be happy watching it.

Milk: This movie was named Love Mission (Beautiful Mission in Chinese), so what do u guys truly think it's the most beautiful?

Miriam: Beautiful should be regardless of appearance, the most important is what's inside. Of course it would be better to have both! Just like 'Fong Lai Kuen', no comments on her appearance though, despite of her being dumb and thick but for the safety of her husband, the discipline and security of Hong Kong, she would risk her life to safe them. I reckon this kind of selflessness is the most beautiful.

Daniel: I totally agree! The beauty in appearance is very short and often biased. If ur heart is beautiful when doing something then everything would turn out beautiful.

Milk: Can u give me details on this beautiful mission?

Miriam: Fong Lai Kuen is a dumb and thick person, she received a  job promotion and married a rich guy but her characteristics havent changed. She still makes a lot of mistakes in her work. Surprisingly, she has degraded from a police officer with 3 stars on her shoulders to a policewoman who was in charge of keeping records of the usage of police vehicles. Out of the blue, she is offered to be undercover again into a genuine robbery cooperation. The whole investigation is stimulating and dangerous. She experiences gunfight, explosive scenes and also has to spy from a high position. Its definitely not an easy job. During the mission, her husband is kidnapped; its just full of obstacles.

Milk: Its like a heroine saving a hot guy.

Miriam: Of course.

Daniel: Actually, the theme of the story is very positive. It develops the brave image of the police force, despite of your gender. After all, they would put the responsibility of protecting our citizens first. Theres equal rights. Its a rather educational topic.

Miriam: Talk about Love Mission, I think its quite ironic that Fong Lai Kuen met Au Hoi Man through being undercover in the previous film. Whereas, this time, she was mistaken by her husband and he thought that she had an affair with another guy for being undercover. So he decided to spy back on her. Oh, you just cant understand how difficult it is!

Daniel: They are all actions you take out to show your love.

Miriam: But this action of love gave me a sore waist and back in return! I know the martial arts director was already being generous by giving me easy action tasks to perform but getting hurt is just vital. It was real hard at the start but I got used to it quickly.

Milk: From what Ive heard, Miriam constantly cant resist her laughter, leading to a large amount of NGs. Daniel, is this true?

Daniel: Not too much laughter, she cant resist laughing quite often . My Cantonese is not good either, so we are even!

Milk: Apart from action scenes, were there other difficult performances?

Miriam: Yes! There was a scenario talking about us getting into a Russian restaurant wearing their traditional clothing and started dancing. It was quite challenging. The most annoying thing is the heavy hat with heaps of feathers on it.

Daniel: My job is simpler. I only had to speak in French and Russian. I am quite gifted in learning languages, so I learnt them straightaway. The director said I sounded professional.

Miriam: And its really hard to keep in pace with the Mainland China actors because we spoke in Cantonese while they talked in Mandarin. It was very hilarious. Luckily we managed slowly at last.

Milk: A lot of people think that you guys are just acting as your normal self in the movie, not much acting skills were involved. Its like wiping all your efforts away, is it frustrating?

Miriam: Maybe because I always laugh and Fong Lai Kun is a funny character herself, so everyone thinks that I am acting as my true self. Just keep in mind, Fong Lai Kun is an imaginary/fictional character. The hard bits come in when I had to get myself into and involved in the characters life. Everyone thinks this movie is funny. To tell the truth its no simple thing at all.

Daniel: Maybe because of my image and language skills, people think that I am only limited to highly-educated-rich-guy roles. But I really do not mind to act as a messy guy, even villains. What a pity that I never had the opportunity. I will be motivated to practice my Cantonese. My assistant only talks in Cantonese with me, forcing me to learn it. Comparing to the past, I have made major improvements. Let's hope that I can spread my acting roles widely as my Chinese improves.

Milk: Are there still rooms for improvement since Fong Lai Kun has became a funny icon already?

Miriam: Yes of course. Apart from the Fongs couple, we can add more storylines to the movie. Just like the 007 series, we can film 10-20 films.

Daniel: And I will be just like James Bond being the male lead of Love Undercover forever, haha!

Milk: Chin Wah (Miriam), since you entered the acting industry, youve only filmed comedies, are you tired of them?

Miriam: To tell the truth, I really want to film an ancient dramatic/artistic movie. At least my image will be prettier but the economy of Hong Kong is rather bad for the past 2 years, there is a lot of pressure on peoples mind. So movie production companies would only invest in comedies, hoping that people will b happier. Therefore, comedies had taken over the majority of the market.

Milk: Daniel, youve entered the showbiz for 6 years, filming over 20 movies. What is the most desireed type of movie you want to take part in?

Daniel: I really want to film a Kung Fu movie! Everyone just judges me by my appearance and mistake me as a polite gentleman. Actually, Ive  learnt Kung Fu since I was 11. I even had apprentices at my school. I wish to act as a hero who mastered in the art of sword because he is fit and cool. However, Hong Kong doesnt usually film this kind of martial arts movie.

Milk: Chin Wah, youve been away a lot for the past 6 months. Are you afraid that your fans might like another artist?

Miriam: I was away most of time because of the production of Love Mission in Shanghai and also the promotion of my Mandarin album. At first I was scared but I found out they are very long-loving. Every time I arrive or depart Hong Kong, they would come farewell or welcome me at the airport when they received any info. I was touched by their actions! I believe I will b spending more time with everyone when promoting my new album. I would like to tell you guys, my new album is named MAKEUP.

Milk: Daniel, you are starting to work in other areas of art and wanted to work behind the scenes right?

Daniel: I think my career is developing well this year. I reckon an actor should widen their sights by working in different areas. Through participating in the stage play Happy prince early this year, I had gained some precious experiences. After all, the rehearsal for stage play usually takes around 3 months ,different from movie production. About DJ Tommys short video, its only a little experiment. My aim is to become a director. I hope to expand my skills by studying in different layers of art and treasure experiences gradually. Hopefully, it will be beneficial to my future goal as a director.

Translated mainly by Water.

For more Info on Love Undercover 2 go to the Link on the menu.

Lydia talk show interview (Behind the Fame) with Miriam Yeurng & Louis Koo last month (May).


Louis Koo

These are some of the questions & answers, which Ive translated.

While answering one of Lydias questions Louis kept laughing and Miriam said "He laughs because hes mental, "after he said he was laughing because she was mental.

Miriam-"I think friends are more important than boyfriends."

Lydia -"Youre very ambitious and brave as youre a singer, actress, director and youve also published a book."

Miriam- "There are some things I wont talk about and some things I would. It doesnt matter how many things I learn because I want to."

Lydia- "Youre smiling a lot Louis, are you trying to pray?" and then bursts into laughter and so does Miriam. "Miriam, please dont laugh or youll get a lot of wrinkles." Hes just laughing a lot at Miriam.

Lydia -"Why are you so dark?"

Louis -"I tan because I dont like to put on make up."

Lydia-" Youve had a lot of tabloid or rumoured girlfriends. Would you like to make a statement about any that I could listen about?"

Louis-"How about not listening to any?" before he laughs again.

Lydia- "Would you like to see what your friends think of you Louis?" Hes just laughing and smiling.

Jessica Husan-"When you dont know him you think hes really cool and then after you do hes just mental. As for girlfriends I think he would like a slightly good mannered girl who didnt talk a lot."

Louis-"I dont really like tall girls. Its better if they talk less and even better if they dont talk at all."

Lydia-"Tell me do you want to or have scared away girlfriends?"

Miriam-"Because Im not a really sane person I have no comment but otherwise I would have something to say about that."

Lydia-"Do you laugh because youre happy or because you want to?"

Miriam-"I laugh because its a real laugh."

Lydia-"Have you ever laughed so much that you couldnt stop?"


Lydia-"I think your personality is cute. Would you like to hear what your friends think about you?"

Miriam-"No, not really, ohha ha"laughs again.

Ronald (ex boy friend)-"Shes the most funniest when she doesnt know what shes doing and she goes all he..he..ha..ha. Shes a person who knows how to take care of someone."

Lydia-"Why did you split up?"

Miriam-"I dont want to talk about it once more, its just hurtful."

Lydia-"Come on tell us even Louis wants to know."

Miriam-"We just werent right for each other. We cant compromise and had communication problems."

Lydia-"Are you lying because Louis is laughing at you?"

Miriam-"No, Im not. Are you trying to make me cry?"

Lydia-"No, Im not."

Miriam starts to cry. "Im scared that now Im older I dont have that feeling of security. I think family is more important. At home I wouldnt think about marriage."

Lydia-"I know your parents must be proud of their brave daughter. Ok now Ill give you the chance to laugh. Louis who do you think would be right for her?"

Louis-"I think the person right for her is someone who cant hear because she laughs a lot."

Miriam-"He needs someone who isnt loud like me."

Lydia-"Now, finally I hope you carry on making more movies together, singing and acting. I hope one day youll find the right person."

Copyright 2003, HKshowbiZ. All rights reserved.
Photos courtsey of cinple forums or Miriam Yeurng's official site.