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News-May 16-31


31 May-All sing together

 Hong Kong singers and entertainer's united to sing the SARS song "the Hong Kong Heart," singers included Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Candy Lo, Alan Tam and Gigi Leung. There were also representives from sport, politics and education joining in the singing.There will be an  airport broadcast of the song, which will help give tourists the best impression.When the sound recording finished Nicholas Tse was the first to leave.

Joey & Twins perform a charity show.

Yesterday,Joey and Twins had rehearsal in the famous Amoy (Tao Tai ) Gardens for upcoming charity show that they are to perform in today.The 3 of them and around 10 kids from the Children's Music And Drama Group are to perform a song called "The World Is Really Small".They all wore face masks to practice.Although Joey and Twins brought along face masks,however they didnt use them.This is to show to the people that they have confidence.Other artistes involved in this show,other than Joey and Twins are Ronald Cheng,Patrick Tang,Alex Fong,Hung Tin Ming,Miss HK participants and others.


Translated by Jamie-original link:

29 May-Cecilia does an exclusive

Cecilia being interviewed by Jade Starbiz ( Yu Lok Tai Soaw Cha) a Hong Kong entertainment show. She decided to give them an exclusive interview rather than be interviewed by anyone else.

While doing an interview with TVB's JADE SHOWBIZ,Ceci's words stirred up tension between her and the many other reporters.

Cecilia:"I like doing interviews with you guys.This is because unlike the other reporters out there,you guys don't lie and make up stories about me."

At the 1:99 concert,maybe because Ceci hasn't been on stage for a long time,her singing was not that great.Not only did she sing off note,she also danced a hip-hop kind of dance to her song ANY WEATHER. After singing one song,she left the stage.However,near the end of the show,during the part of Hacken Lee and Alan Tam,she stepped back onto the stage and sang a duet with them.

In HK,Ceci,along with stars like Jordan Chan,Daniel Chan,Gigi Leung,Denise Ho,etc were out promoting another SARS event that would take place this coming Saturday. Of course,Ceci along with Jordan and Daniel became the center of attention.Reporters noticed that throughout the event,none of them ever spoke or made contact with each other,however,there were times where glances were made back and forth between them.At one time,while Jordan was talking,Ceci stood in the back.Though Jordan's words were meant to be funny,no one really laughed.But Ceci who was standing behind him laughed loudly and happily,making people feel that it was a bit exaggerated.

Translated by Vanessa.

Louis & Sammi's new movie together
Sammi plays the role of a photographer in the film
Sammi Cheng yesterday resumed work with the apparent tabloid scandal boyfriend  on their new movie together called "Loved Your Bed" (translated from it's chinese title). Sammi has rested for a good period of time due to her ashma, illness and the SARS epedimic situation. Sammi was in a good mood and spirit during filming after she recovered from her illness.
26 May-The premier of Happy go lucky
Happy Go Lucky Movie Gala for SARS

The Gala Premiere of "Happy Go Lucky" was held in the Theatre of the Hong Kong Convention Centre at 8:30 p.m today. All proceeds will be donated to the Hong Kong Frontline Medical Workers Welfare Fund. Since the "SARS" outbreak, the frontline medical workers have been restlessly fighting against the disease. In order to show the highest respect to all frontline medical workers, the Society decided to hold the Gala Premiere of "Happy Go Lucky" to raise funds for the Hong Kong Frontline Medical Workers Welfare Fund. This meaningful event is co-organized by the College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong, and is fully supported by the China Star Entertainment Ltd. which sponsors this Gala Premiere.

"Happy Go Lucky" is co-starred by Gillian Chung, Kent Cheng and Lai Yiu Cheung as visually impaired, mentally handicapped and cerebral palsy persons respectively. Some shootings were taken in the Society. The story of this movie describes how people with disabilities overcome difficulties and lead a meaningful life. The movie is very positive and touching, and is suitable for all members of the family.

Kelly helps
Kelly Chen and Hong Kong public welfare fund trustee Wang Tungs heng the Pacific Ocean gentleman united with 50 work people yesterday.Kelly arrived early in the morning to attend "the public welfare fund epidemic disease boundary concentric aiding society group." When Kelly was asked regarding h the report on her having a fit and a temper at the "1:99 concert", she explained when performing her earphones for six minutes were completely silentl. She still had to dance and also did not understand the expressions of the staff, thus affecting her mood. She rehearsed for a week and anticipated that everything was perfect. But the it is in the past, she can only think of it as an experience.

Nicholas & Joey have an embarrassing situation

Nicholas Tse,Joey and 3T had their autograph signing session for New World in Causeway Bay and attracted more than 200 fans and a hundred or so spectators to the venue.During the session,Nic was a little too excited and broke the table.

The session was supposed to end without any 'danger'.Nic however felt that the fans couldnt see him much sitting down and asked Joey who was beside him to stand on the table together,so they could wave to the crowd.At first,Joey was a little hesitated to do so,Nic who then was already holding her hand said : "I'm going up first!" and stood with both feet on the table.Joey later followed suit but then the table was starting to be unstable and gave way.Later they only saw Joey and Nic on the floor,Nic's left arm clamping the table.This gave a fright to those who were there and they quickly help Joey and Nic up.

The situation then was embarassing,Nic smiled in embarrassment afterwards and still waves his hands to the crowd.Later ,Joey and Nic kept pushing the blame off each other.The reporters than praised her for getting up so fast,Joey laughing says : "Thank goodness there wasnt anyone under the table or they would be squashed!This is one unforgettable event.It's so embarrassing!It's Nic who suggested we stand on the table for people to snap pictures,who'd know this will happen?Nic went up first and had that table clamped on him,i feel pity for him.It's lucky that I've eaten,so that's why i'm stable." Nic,however blames that Joey was too heavy so that's why the table gave way.When Nic heard Joey said that it was embarrassing : "We'll not do that next time lol!"


    Translated by Jamie-original link:

25 May

Cecilia celebrates her 23rd b-day

Though yesterday was Cecilia's birthday,she had quite a busy scheldule.

Starting from last night,she had to be on set to film a movie with Andy Lau. At around 12:30am,she came outside to talk on the phone and also allow reporters to take pictures. She then went back inside to return to work.A while later,Ceci's brother-Cheung Pak Man,along with represenatives from her mangagement label,CHINASTAR,came on set with two birthday cakes and gifts to celebrate her 23rd birthday. Together,they sang "Happy Birthday" to Ceci.At 4am,work was finished and Ceci was allowed to go home.

The next morning,Ceci was at a charity event for senior citizens.For this event,Ceci personally chipped in 10 thousand dollars to buy rice for the seniors.However,because of the amount of reporters that was present,the event started to become chaotic,so Ceci was not able to hand out the rice to the seniors by herself.However,she did assure the seniors and told them to stay,because other co-workers would be handing out the rice for her. She then left the scene with 6 body guards.

Later that afternoon,she went to the 1:99 concert.After singing her part,she went offstage and towards the audience.She willingly gave out autographs to all those who asked for it.When she went back onstage,she waved happily and blew out goodbye kisses.

At the 1:99 concert,Ceci's ex-boyfriend Nicholas Tse was also present.However,both seemed to be avoiding each other.When one went to the left,the other walked right.Though at the end of the concert,all stars came on stage to sing one last song,both stood on opposite sides of the stage. Nicholas then walked out to help Anita Mui on stage and stood next to her until Ceci started walking towards Anita,that's when he walked another way.When the stars all filed out off the stage,one exited towards the left,one went to the right.Both never made contact,nor stood next to each other throughout the event.

1:99 Concert

There were a number of good news being released yesterday,the first good news is that WHO (World Health Organisation) has withdrew the warnings against travelling to HK,the second is that the yet to be held 1:99 concert has sucessfully collected funds mounting to HKD$ 10.2 million as of today.It seems that their target of HKD$ 15 million is not that far a distance now.

Anita Mui expressed that she is very happy about the amount and says :"We hope to reach the amount of HK$ 15 million.Everyone will try their best to make this come true tomorrow (today). "As for her student,Denise Ho who will be singing 'My Pride' with Joey,had their rehearsal.There were rumours saying that Denise persuaded her teacher to let Joey and her be the grand opening act,she replied : "It's doesnt mean that the arrangement is done because we have teacher-student reationship,the organiser commitees are the ones that come up with the arrangement.They wanted new things,so it's not reasonable to find back the same people who had cooperated before."

Joey laughed and said :"I'm very excited that I get to work with Denise this time,because I've never had the chance to.But since the arrangement is already done by Anita,the best we should do is do the best we can and not think so much."Anita admits that she arranged for them both to be right at the beginning of the concert, :"Yes,the singers will come up as different group and leave the stage with different group."


Denise & Shine
Anita Mui
Kelly Chen & Aaron Kwok muck about
Jacky Cheung

Lately there was a magazine report pointing out that Eason asked for the price of HKD$ 30 million in order to continue staying in EEG,making his relationship with EEG bitter.Eason,however denies this matter and told the reporters : "No comments,I've all along never reply to this magazine's reports.I will not be angry because i've never let these reports affect my mood."

About the report on Eason being 'frozen',Joey ; "I've asked Eason,he says that there isnt such a thing,so i believe him!There is only love between the company and him. (Would you feel there is tension (between them)?)Cant feel it at all!" These 2 good friends had each accepted a 7 digit figure pay to be in s Siemens' couple mobile phone commercial.Eason and Joey each rode on antique motorcycles and had the shooting on a crossroad.For the commercial,both singers will each have a commercial song,the commercial's production used 8 digit amount (equaleavant to HKD$ 10 million).Both friends had a fun time teasing each other during the shooting.

This is the second year that she has renew her contract to Siemens,therefore she has the privilege to get free phones.Asked if she will consider sending one to her boyfriend,she replied that she will only give it to her colleagues in the company.This is because she believes if her boyfriend really supports her,he should buy one himself.There are also reports stating that EEG,from the beginning of the year have been starting to pave the road for her to be the entertainment world's 'Big Sister',she laughs and says : "Really want to get good results at the year-end award shows,so first i need to lose weight to be in top form!"Asked on who does she think that her competitor were,she jokingly says :'Ayumi Hamasaki and Madonna!'She also revealed that her pay for Siemens conmmercial has increased 30%.  


Translated by Jamie-original link:

Not all pics here are from original link

1:99 concert will be a long one

The SARS fund-raising 1:99 concert will held tomorrow at Hong Kong Stadium.The 4 hour-long concert will have more than 20 singers.Since there were more singers,the organiser Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild has been having quite a headache over the arrangement of who and when to perform.Apparently the organiser arranged that Hacken Lee and Alan Tam duo for the opening act of the concert but in the end,they decided on another.Anita Mui's student,Denise Ho and Joey will the first performance after the opening act.They are to perform a duet.

Joey will be singing 2 songs on her own and later 'My Pride' as a duet with Denise Ho to honour all medical workers in HK.Aaron Kwok and Kelly Chen will have a dance,Gigi Leung and Edmond Leung on musical instruments,Jacky Cheung and Eason Chan will be using their singing skills.There are also Nic,Cecilia,Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng.

Anita Mui also said that the Guild is trying to get permission to have the concert in Singapore,Malaysia,Europe,US,Canada,Australia and China as they are hoping to have a world tour.

Translated by Jamie-original link:

Cecilia avoids Nicholas?
Cecilia came out after practising in a band room with Nicholas's band for the 1:99 concert to talk to reporters and seemed really happy for 10 minutes. She posed for some phtographs and soon leaving in a taxi. However earlier, to avoid media attention or causing suspicion she avoided Nicholas Tse and so left the Band room. Although when he arrived earlier that day she did greet him.
May 21-Joey and Nicholas to do a duet 
 Joey Yung Tso Yee yesterday was at a  "Reconstructs Hong Kong To offer Compassion" program reception, expressed in order to mourn Doctor Tse Yuen Man who recently died from a brave fight in the war with SARS in Tuen Mun hospital.He will be honoured with a poem written for him by a young high scholl student Wong Yin Ping. The poem is called 'A song to pass on." A teacher commemorated the Tung Wah group of hospitals and Madame Wu Jeyu from a middle school read the poem. It will be composed into a song to be sung by by Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Joey Yung as a duet at a charity show in June 8, which will help raise funds for the anti- inflammation emergency aid fund. EEG funded the event and is estimated to plan friendly funds for the east China. Nicholas used a long-distance telephone call as he was still currently filming Jade Goddess in Yunnan as well as composing the song so he could sing immediately for Joey to listen to discuss what type of singing that has that one kind of feeling because this song is not like common popular songs as the lyrics are originally written as a poem. Joey said "the first song is sung with the national language Mandarin. This means he will learn as well as work overtime to finish the recording.This song is not just dedicated for Doctor Tse but for other heros, a sung for history and forever.To make it more interesting the June 8 program will say "i can sing with Tse Ting Fung."
The money i donated is not of a large amount than of other people,the most i can do in my strength is to sing out my sincerity." She also said that the song will be broadcasted to the whole country.

Wong Yin Ping is 12 years junior of Dr.Tse and has graduated from the same high school as well.On the day after she received the news about the passing of Dr.Tse,she used 10 minutes,sitting down to write the poem.As she is also Joey's fan,she immediately answered yes when Joey asked whether she can use the poem as a song.

Joey met with the poem's writer,Wong Yin Ping.Joey revealed : "Tonight (meaning yesterday's) I will be recording,the song will be in Mandarin,so it's quite a challenge." The album will have a limited 50,000 copies and the production fee of several hundred thousand dollars will be paid by EEG.The money collected from the sales of the album donated to Tung Wah Hospital.  
Miriam loves kids
Miriam Yeurng with a little friend.
On May 24 (this Saturday) Hong Kong government holds the "1:99 Concert", yesterday Nicholas Tse had a Band room dress rehearsal with other singers including Miriam Yeurng, Andy Hui, Sammi Cheng, Alan Tam and Hacken Lee. Miriam arrived yesterday afternoon and when she spoke her voice sounded hoarse, she just returned to the port from Shenzhen, at the port she had a fever, the cough, so she feared in Shenzhen she caught something bad so she saw a doctor immediately who confirmed she had not contracted SARS but only to feel at ease without worry. After she brings down a fever she hoped it wouldn't affect her when she performs on the 24th for the "1:99 Concert."  
20 May
Kelly helps Samsung greatly
Early she did the Samsung photography two-pole forced-air cooling internal combustion engine advertisement, Which since it's promotion the response was extremely good, therfore Samsung specially delivered a very lovable miniature small refrigerator to give her as a reward. This refrigerator specially for preserves using of the cosmetics, therefore the contour only then can be so petite, after she received it she was unable to put it down.
Candy Keeps fit

Candy Loh Hou Yum in the near future through day and night will rehearse her singing. Although she always gives her audience real power and singing performance she wanted it to be an unforgettable evening for her audience. She does not merely just want to put on the sexy magnificent clothes and have a hot dance party for the audience. She had a dress rehearsal, which she used as an opportunity to show off.  Candy willing be performing this sat 24 and sun 25. She also has a band room rehersal everyday.   Candy also did some warm up movements before practising her dance routines. She intends to pleasantly surprise her audience. 

Shine dance away

Even though they were hot they still danced happily and full of energy.

Shine and co did a dance procession of lanterns or torches. Shine night before last participated in the dragon dance, they expressed in anticipation with extreme anxiousness, because always only then had the opportunity on the television to see this kind of scene. They smile and only can dance the simplest dragon body but Shine has the confidence and expression of no fear. They expressed that this is only a voluntary performance. Asked whether Shine did believe the dance procession of lanterns or torches may exorcise evil spirits? They said frankly that they believed.  

Joey also helps with the promotion and ticket sales

The 1:99 Music Concert which will be held on this Saturday had its ticket-selling booths opened in Causeway Bay and Shatin.Anita Mui who is one of the organiser of the concert was there to give support.There is news saying that Maggie Cheung and Aaron Kwok will be the concert's special guests.

Eason Chan,Joey,Edmond Leung.Denise Ho were at the Causeway Bay booth while Gigi Leung,Miriam Yeung and William So are at the Shatin booth.Joey wore a sleeveless top for the function.On the day of the concert,she will be dancing along with a group of dancers.The group of dancers were very generous,they decided to keep half the pay and the other half will be donated.She will also be singing a duet with another singer whom she has never worked with before.She is very supportive of this concert and bought 10 tickets to give to her friends.Edmond and Denise were the first artistes to arrive at the Causeway Bay booth,with around 20-30 fans surrounding them, but the event seem a little cold.However with arrival of Eason and Joey,the crowd became more livelier.Eason was his usual self ,playing around with his fellow artistes.

Looking at Joey yesterday,it is obvious that she wore the sleeveless top to show that she has successfully lost weight,she also said that recently she has lost another 5 pounds,and concentrated mostly on her lower half of the body. It is fortunate that this time,she didnt had any problems or pains during her weight loss period as she only depend on exercise to keep fit. She says : Yeah,I've lost 10 pounds,but i want to lose another 5 more.There wasnt any pains or problems during the time i'm losing my weight,because i dont need to keep myself from eating,i only need to exercise to keep fit.Last year,i was plump,so i didnt wear much sleeveless tops,i didnt even dare to wear them at home,but now i can even wear my old clothes back.

Although she is thinner and prettier now,there wasnt anyone who compliment her yet,Joey said: "Being thinner does look prettier.I even feel lighter when i'm dancing now.Before,while i'm singing,i'd occasionally feel my tummy but not now though.I really feel that my whole body is slimmer now.(So have u become a slimming centre's spokesperson?)Cant talk about it now,later you'd know! (Being a slimming centre's spokesperson is big pressure,you know?) I dont agree with that.I used to get moody when i eat alot,but now after getting thinner,i feel much happier."

Translated by Jamie-original link:

Eason, Denise and Edmond help promote 1:99 concerts

Eason Chan Yik Shun, Denise Hocc and Edmond Leung where in Sha Tin and Causeway bay promoting 1:99. They attracted alot of passer by's especially with Eason shouting. Eason was in the street corner sincerely smiling as helped sell the admission ticket to contribute the money from selling the tickets to give to "1: 99 concert" They sold over 1000 tickets. It was prepartory work for the concerts that would start from May 24th.  Sammi Cheng will also perform at the concerts as well as other artists.

Gallen Lo feeling down part 1

After being charged earlier this year for drink and driving Gallen has got negative press and hearsay one after the other. Although he has not taken offense from the constant bad press he recieves. He says he drowns his worries through drinking. He is open minded and supposed to have a postive view of facing everything. He holds on to his optimistic out look on life. He sits in the dining room of the bar where it is possible to look into the distance from a high place to the street possible to sit for two hours as he pays attention to each passer-by's every action and every movement as he also has a heart to heart talk with a journalist.

Joey and Nic
Dr. Tse Yuen Man,the woman doctor who was in the frontline fighting SARS in Tuen Mun Hospital,died from SARS not long ago.Her bravery will always be remembered by HK people.Recently,one of Dr. Tse's junior in high school,wrote a poem called (roughly translated) 'A song that surpasses life' to reflect on her fighting spirit.From this wonderfully touching poem,Joey and Nic Tse was given the revelation to compose a song using this poem's words,to honour Dr.Tse.

In reality,Joey and Nic are the same as any citizen in HK,they cared about the happening in this epidemic situation in HK.Although Nic is filming in China,he still goes on the NEt to understand what's going around in the world and express that he was very sad about the passing of Dr.Tse.As for Joey,she was moved by the words in the poem and suggested to EEG to make a song out of it and that composing part will be given to Nic.

EEG finds that it was a good idea and decided to come out with 50,000 copies of albums for this song.They have also decided to donate the money from selling the albums to Tung Wah Hospital.As for the production fees to be used in this album,EEG will footing all the bills.The money will also be to help the victims of SARS and their immediate family.

EEG chose Tung Wah Hospital to be the receiver of the donation is because Dr. Tse studied in a high school under Tung Wah's flag and as the poem was written by her junior,therefore they found it to be suitable.

Nic's manager Mani Fok,admits that the song is in the process of planning.However since Nic is busy in China,filming a movie,whether the compostiton of the song will fall into Nic's hands or someone else,will depend on Nic's schedule.She also says that Joey has been wanting to help the SARS victims and their immediate families collect funds and also to help those medical personnel fighting in the frontline to acquire the protection garments,so she finally came to the decision to make a song out the poem in hope to collect more than 1 million in donation.

links Orientaldaily

Translated by Jamie-original link

16 May-NEW looks of Cecilia

During a recent interview with Cecilia Cheung, talking on the subject of last year's "Fung Chi Love", she described it as a roller coaster ride. There were hardships and laughters, surprises and happiness, she thought it was very stimulating and was reluctant to get off the ride. Today she mentioned there are no complaints and regrets.

Long time ago Cecilia made a clear distinction between herself and Nicholas. Now she is on the cover of "WFD International Fashion Dynamic" magazine. Cecilia posed like Audrey Hepburn for this photo shoot, wearing all brand names, showing elegance, sex appeal, and maturity. Cecilia expressed, the past year has caused her emotional rise and fall, like a roller coaster, but herself bought the ticket to the right, making others associate her with Nicholas' love life.

Cecilia said regretlessly, "The past year I was surprised and happy, had hardships and laughters, I myself didn't want to step off the ride, but today I can tell everyone: 'I've already stepped off the ride!'" She also said, "Why not take advantage of youth and put forward your strength. Trying playing what young people should be plaing with! You could say that at this age, I've chosen to play the stimulation game!"

Cecilia described that her experiences in the past year taught her a lot: "On the ride, I was learning lessons everyday. Learing about how bad moods could climb up to a peak feeling, as well as how to accept troughs and shocks. Now the playing and studying have all completed. She also acknowledged that she has lost trust in people: "I've given discount to having trust in people, now I will protect myself first. As for love, I will trust the world. Cecilia emphasized that she still wishes to get married and become a mother, but she was determined at the same time that she won't have a stable boyfriend anytime soon.

Translated by Maya

Original Link:

Elegant Cecilia


For the fashion phtoshoot Cecilia got up bright and early at 6am.

Cecilia Gucci Look
Cecilia Versace Look
Cecilia does the Audrey Hepburn Look

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