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The Medallion


The Plot

The Medallion (formerly named HighBinders or Dragon ressurection in Hong Kong)stars Jackie Chan as a cop. Edison Chen also stars as a waiter for a cameo apperance. Nicholas Tse also stars as a waiter. Joey Yung stars as a meter maid. Sammo Hung stars as a SDU cadet.He stars along with Christy Chung and Anthony Wong. It's about Jackie who plays a cop called Eddie Yang, hot on the trail of an international slavery ring led by the villianous Snakehead (Julian Sands). To assist his investigation is British detective Arthur (Lee Evans) and law enforcement agent Nicole (Claire Forlani), who was Arthur's ex-girlfriend.Jackie goes to Dublin to rescue kidnapped kid Jai but gets killed. He's resurrected with The Medallion Jai wears. The director is GordanChan and the scrpit was by Gen-x-cops writer Ben Logan. Sammo Hung is the action director.

Sammo Hung

Release Date

It will be released in U.S.A August 15 2003.

World Premiere - Aug 15th - In US,China,HK and South East Asia


After 30-something years in the film industry, Jackie Chan filmed his first screen kiss. And, as he told journalists in London today, it took a British actress to show him the ropes.

'I just had a big kissing scene with Claire Forlani,' the star explained. 'I was shy, she just grabbed me saying "Come On." It was for my new movie The Medallion. The scene's at the end of the movie, and she kissed me and she didn't care. She said "Jackie, your hands touch me! She really made me comfortable."

As the star explains, romantic scenes have been something of a thorny issue for him. 'I always have a girlfriend but no kissing that's a Jackie Chan movie. But things are changing slowly,' he added. 'My fans are growing up with me. I'm an adult, and now slowly we have a love scene in my movies. Now, if they write a love scene, it's OK with me. But writers have got used to not writing a love scene for me. Even in America, the screenwriters see my movies and say, "No love scene". And if there is one, the studio cuts it!"

Jackie Chan just made some additional scenes for HIGHBINDERS at Hong Kong's Mong Kok, a shopping and dinning district. Jackie Chan's scenes include eating some dumping and boiled squid, running in the street (with clothes on), and jumped into a cop car. But the car door was so tight that  after many takes, he still couldn't open it. Of cause, he has made the onsite audiences laugh.

They were allowed to use a Black Hawk Helicoptor to film a scene but Jackie was the only actor allowed on it.


The Medallion Movie Stills: Jackie Chan, Claire Forlani, Julian Sands, Gordon Chan 

Claire & Jackie

Joey Yung

Edison Chen, Jackie Chan & Nicholas Tse


It was filmed with a $40 million budget, which is the most expensive Hong Kong movie ever.

It was filmed in Austrilia, Hong Kong,Thailand, Dublin (Ireland) & America.

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 Photos or news courtsey of EEG, Ming Pao, Sing Pao, The Sun (Hong Kong) or Oriental Daily.