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News-June 01-16


16 June-Joey's 23rd B-Day

Today is Joey's 23rd birthday.Two nights ago,CRHK held a concert birthday party for Joey in the convention hall in Kowloon Bay.She invited Yumiko Cheng,Boy'z and Roger Kwok as guests.One thousand fans arrived at the venue and expressed their excitement thoroughout the show.When the concert was near the end and she has to cut her cake,one of her fans personally sang My Pride with self-penned lyrics and made Joey cry.She also did a hot dance with Yumiko on stage,erasing any doubts that Yumiko and Joey was in disagreement as they both wanted to be EEG's first sister position.Joey and Roger Kwok sang Leslie Cheung's song 'Chase',but there were some mess up during the song,when Roger sang the lyrics wrong.After the show,EEG held a private party for Joey in California Red's Causeway Bay karaoke centre.Her boss,Mr Yeung,attended the party and revealed that he gave diamond earrings to the birthday girl.

Joey announced that she is to have her big concert in October this year,her birthday wish is hoping that her concert goes well : "This time,it will be 10 times better than last time.Last time,it was a regretful thing because I wasnt in the best conditions,this time I will try and keep a pretty voice on, and guarantee that it will be a good show.There should be 3 concerts and i hope that it can be more than that. " She says that the happiest thing to happen this is that she has successfully lost her weight and smiled : "When it's concert time,I can wear any kind of clothes,and not have the clothes suit my figure.I hope to lose some more weight,at least 1 to 4 pounds,the thinner the better."She also said that she has decided to buy a luxury house with a garden.

Other than the event above,yesterday she attended an puppet event's opening ceremony in Olympian City Mall and is in the Guinness World Record for the largest hanging puppet.Onto Mr.Yeung's gift,she said: "How did you all know about it? (Mr.Yeung said so!)Well, I havent received it yet,but i heard that the earrings has 2 carats,i'm afraid to wear it outside,might get robbed."About Nic Tse who was missing and that Cecilia came,Joey says about Nic : "He said that he wont come becasue it's not convenient.Might be the main attraction instead of me and didnt want the reporters to ask so many questions,he said that it's not nice to do that."However,asked Cecilia who came to the party what present that she gave to Joey,she replied :"I sent her my heart."

Translated by Jamie
June 13-Kelly's wax double

Kelly became the youngest and the seventh famous person to have her wax mannequin displayed at the  Madame Tussauds HK Wax Museum. The figure took half a year to complete and costs five hundred thousand dollars. On June 11 a press conference was conducted in the afternoon for the revelation ceremony.

Both the real and fake Kelly were dressed in the Can Can attire in the Dynacarnival concert. The figure was constructed so lifelike that when Kelly saw it, it also gave her a shock. Kelly was extremely satisfied that the figure was constructed so similar to her. The figure's teeth, palm and facial features were built to precision. She also hoped that the figure would be able to lighten her work load in taking pictures with people. When Kelly  first stepped into the wax museum, she saw Princess Diana's wax mannequin and she thought that she had seen a ghost. It sent a tingle down her spine. Kelly felt that it would be frightening to display the mannequins at home. Amongst all of them, she would like to take a photo with Princess Diana's figure.

Kelly had expressed that her mannequin's pose was to express the delightful Kelly and also allow visitors to hold her hands while taking pictures with her. On the day of the measurement taking, Kelly had to remain in the pose for hours. The figure was definitely worthed the high cost. Kelly was excited about her mannequin and she would call her family members, friends and fans to see her 'other half'. If she were to have kids next time, she would also bring them to see their mother in her beauty years.

On Father's Day, Kelly would have a meal with her father and buy him a youthful looking shirt. She laughed and said that her father would also like to look young!


Another bonus for Kelly

Earlier, Kelly had received a mini refrigerator from Samsung. This time, she was again given a latest laptop from the company. This was not the first laptop that Kelly has received for her ad services. She currently has 5 to 6 of them. Kelly's favorite pastime is surfing the net and playing computer games, bringing it along with her for work will reduce boredom.


Citizen contract renewal

Kelly was selected as the spokesperson for Citizen XC watches for the 4th consecutive year. This was despite the common scene of changes in spokesperson for Japanese labels to attract more different buyers. Being able to continue an ad for 3 years is already a rare sight, and this had proved that Kelly's popularity in Japan is stable. For this time's contract renewal, besides being the spokesperson for the label in Japan, the ad will also be featured in Hong Kong and Taiwan. As such, she will have a pay increase of 50% and the sum is believed to be over 3 million.

The reason for Kelly's contract renewal with Citizen is that there is an annual increase in sales of the watches. Furthermore, Kelly's popularity has been increasing after working with Japanese artistes like Yutaka Takenouchi, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kyoko Fukada. Citizen hopes to use Kelly's pop queen position in Asia to further boost its sales in the region. In the 4th series of the ad, Kelly acts as a couple with a Japanese model to bring out the message that time is everlasting love to them.

From word of Kelly's manager, she was pleased on the contract renewal. She had also admitted that there was an increase of more than 50% pay since there are two other regions that were included in the contract. However, the exact sum was not revealed as it was confidential.

Forgetful Joey

On June 12th a group of singers went for another SARS song recording,these singers included Joey,Twins,Denise Ho,Faye Wong,Edmond Leung and so on.The song is called 'The Soaring Heroic Heart'.However,Joey who was supposed to return to HK on June 11th was only able to got home after the recording had finished.

When she reached the Customs check-point in Guangzhou (China),only then did she realise that she had forgotten her return visa and had left it in her luggage in her hotel room..Since inside her luggage were her personal belongings including underwear,she begged for a female staff to retrieve her visa for her.And then a staff from the hotel sped all the way to the checkpoint,which made Joey wait for exactly 2 hours. Joey : "There's no other way,I bring this trouble upon myself."She also said that she has always been clumsy.

When pointed out that Sandra Ng is getting special treatment for the Kung Fu Soccer,including a private to drive her there, and that the 3 main female leading actresses,Joey,Sandra and Yoyo Mung were having no conversation together,Joey denied this : "There is no such thing,I dont feel that Sandra is getting any special treatment.There isnt a scene yet between Sandra and I.Sandra is a nice person,but whether we can be friends needs fate."


June 11-Joey & Eason promote Siemens
Yesterday,Joey and Eason attended Siemens press conference for whom they were spokespersons of. Joey wore a really nice sleeveless top that day.However,after she has gotten thinner,her upper proportion of her body seem to have gotten flatter as well. Joey on the the other hand blames it on the top : "It's the top's problem,it's a present from my mom,I have to wear it. Her manager who was beside her gave a helping hand by saying : "It's popular to be a flat-chested these days. " Joey open mindedly said that she doesnt mind her figure now : "Last time,it was big,I had to bind my chest area so i can dance."
Joey returned to HK at 3am yesterday from Guangzhou,she laughed and told to the reporters about a funny incident.She immediately went to sleep as soon as she gotten on the van and didnt have makeup on,so when it's time to go through the Customs,she was called out because the Customs officers wanted to have a look at her real self.At first,they asked : "Which one is Joey Yung?" but when they did get to see Joey,they complimented that she looks much pretty in real life than she does onscreen. Joey laughed again : "I'm prettier than I am on camera,isnt it a good thing then?It's so contradicting."
Father's Day is around the corner,Joey has already prepared a present for her Daddy : "My father is a fat person,so I'm giving a leather belt for him to use." Siemens Mobiles has given Joey 20 free Siemens mobile phones,Joey says that she will giving these as present to her company's colleagues and workers.  
June 8-Joey Helps promote Hong Kong 
Joey along with Nic,Eason,Twins, Yumiko Cheng,Hacken Lee,Priscilla Chan,Chris Wong,Jade Kwan,Edmond Leung and Ronald Cheng participated in the Rebuilding HK with Love.
Joey had to immediately return to China for Kung fu Soccer. Joey revealed that the last time she was there,an unforgettable moment happened as she had a kissing scene with her idol,Dicky Cheung. She said with her face turning red : "Actually this scene tells about me dreaming of kissing Dicky and took place in an old temple.....I closed my eyes,Dicky gave me a kiss loh!He is really professional and doesnt feel embarassed at all.For me,i was a little! (Was he good to kiss?) Good!" She also continued saying that she danced aerobics and watched VCD to pass the time,there was even once that she wanted to cook porridge,but let it cook too long and the porridge became rice.
The charity show at the end of the day has successfully collected HKD$ 20.62 million,the director of Tung Wah,Yeung Chiu Sing,is very satisfied with the collection but denies that the show was an all EEG singer event.Other than that,Joey's latest album My Pride (second edition) has become one of 'Do Re Me Travel Hong Kong' must-buy albums along with Twins and Boy'z,in which there are 3 kinds of Do Re Me prizes (each singer one kind).If anyone buys any of the albums and exchange the coupon along with it,they will have the chance to travel HK with Joey,Twins and Boy'z for a day.This event is a collaboration between EEG and 3 travel agencies to help the HK economy as well as the album sales market.
Eason, Yumiko, Charlene, Nicholas, Gillian & Joey
8 June-Nicholas a liar?
Once criticized TVB JADE SOLID GOLD as garbage, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung two nights ago attended a taping. He received special treatment and did not have to play dress up. As for calling the program garbage, Ting Fung played dumb and said garbage is a song title. His guest was Juno Mak Chun Lung. He said that when he started Andy Lau Tak Wa gave him a hand, so now he is passing that on. Translated by Gia.
6 June-Bad start for Kung Fu Soccer Series cast
TV series 'Kung Fu Soccer' has started outdoor filming in Guangzhou.At the moment,the actors are to test for the camera and rehearse for the series.However. the cast is not satisfied with the lodgings and transportation that was arranged by the production company andthe company is being pointed out as 'giving bad quality goods'.
The cast included for the series are : Joey,Steven of Boy'z,Rain Lee and Jerry Lam and etc.According to sources,all of them were not satisfied with the transportation.For example : Joey and Steven. Joey has already started her journey from Kowloon Tong to Guangzhou at 9 pm.Unfortunately,the driver of the van is unfamiliar with the roads,causing them all to reach Guangzhou at 3 in the morning.For Steven,he started his journey at 1am, so when he reached there,it was already 4 am. (Note : Guangzhou and HK are very close to each other,Guangzhou is just the next province.)
When they all finally arrived in Guangzhou,they found out that the lodging that they were provided is of the bad quality. The hotel they are staying in is not of the star quality and is supposed to cost $200 per night which was lessened to $100+.The rooms are really not worth the $100 as it has no bathroom and the bed and bedsheets are wet.Everyone had to rush to a 24 hours grocery store and supermarket in the middle of the night to buy neccessities such as pillows and beds. This proves that the production didnt keep their promise that they will provide a 5-star hotel when a singer has agreed to take part in this series.The manager of this singer has already complained.
Joey's manager Mani Fok commented : "We have told them about this and they explained to us that if they were to live in a 5-star hotel,the cast has to be awakened a few hours early.The current hotel they are staying is the nearest to the shooting location.We totally understand." Steven's manager Kitty commented : "Taking a journey this late in the night,the company is definitely worried."
The production company's person in charge Mrs.Lam says about this : "Actually they have not started filming yet,it's only rehearsal.As for the tranportation and lodging,at the moment I'm not too clear."Reporters then asked about the person who is in charge of the two things,the company has not give a response.
Translated By Jamie
1st June-Kelly prefers spending at Home
Kelly attended a charity show for TVB held at Amoy Gardens. She was earlier present in the afternoon rehearsal and had to be under the sun. Kelly was also involved to patronise from the shops in the area. Although the money was sponsored by TVB, it served as an encouragement for the people to spend more. Kelly had said that she would rather spend her money in Hong Kong to support the local economy. While she was in Korea a few days ago, she saw some items which are also sold in Hong Kong but then had chose not to buy them. 

In the show, Kelly had sang Sally Yeh's "Blessings". She had later said that it was so coincidental on George Lam's incident and Kelly had hoped that he would recover soon. Kelly fears standing on the rising platform on the stage as she feels that it is dangerous. Whenever the platform rises, it will also start to shake. Her manager had once missed a step on the stairs and slipped. Her leg was bruised and had to be treated for almost a year. After this incident, Kelly will be more careful and pay more attention to where she walks. Even though she is not familiar with George Lam, she usually sees him when she goes for medical checkups at the hospital. 


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 Photos or news courtsey of Sing Pao daily news, Ming Pao daily news, Kelly Concerto Club and cinple forums.