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1:99 Concert Review
1:99 Concert Review


Summary of 1:99 concert

The 1:99 Concert, named after the bleach-to-water ratio health officials here have recommended for an anti-SARS cleaning solution, featured some of the regions top entertainment acts.

The concert was on Saturday 24 May 2003 in Hong Kong.
 Joey was the first to perform after the opening act. The opening act was two presenters trying to keep the audience amused with comedy. Joey sang 'Solemn on Stage' then 'Used to Heartbreaks' and finally a duet of 'My Pride' with Denise. She dedicated the song to the brave people of Hong Kong.

The 1:99 concert has successfully collected HKD$ 17.8 million in donations.Joey's fans not only came there for support,even the tickets that they bought are the most expensive at HKD $1000 each.All thirty fans sat at the front row,admiring her performance.


Denise then sang solo with 'Kwok Wing Chi Ka' and then she dedicated her 2nd song to families & friends of this world. She then sang a duet with Shine, they had some sound problems at the start but they carried on singing. Shine then sang their 'Panda' song. 
Cecilia Cheung was next and she said "Hi everbody, i hope you enjoy this show,thanks," before she sang one of her old songs out of tune. Edmond Leung sang next, he sang 3 songs, 2 while playing his Yamaha keyboard. He said "I hope your'e all doing fine and i hope everbody has fun tonight." He then did a duet with Gigi Leung. She said " I hope everybody will be strong to make it through this." She had problems with her black acoustic guitar so she had to start her song again.
Jacky Cheung then sang the english song 'All i need.' He said "I sung this song because i want to sing a song that has the right feeling for this concert. Unfortunately none of my songs were right. He then sang 'Oy si wing hung'. Before singing his duet with Eason Chan he said " I choose this song because i didn't just want to sing 2 slow songs, so now you can get up and dance."
Eason took pictures at one point of the audience while Jacky was singing.When it was Eason singing solo he said " I want to say some good news because no one today got  SARS in Hong Kong.I'll now keep singing good songs for everyone." His second solo song was 'King Kong.' He was very energetic. After he finished he siad " I'm gonna sing with William So now and you know he's fatter than me." Will came in wearing slippers? They sang a duet of an english song called 'I want you just the way you are.' Eason threw his blue & white baseball cap into the audience at one point. He wore a black t-shirt with in an orange score box-Full Time: SARS-1:H.K-99. They took a photo of each other with Eason's camera. Before Will sang solo he said "This song is for everyone working at the hospitals."
Kelly Chen came next singing 'Fa Fa Sigh Guy' and she wore a yellow vest with written in read 'Unique.' She then sang 'Everbody, move your body.' After that she introduced Aaron in english, "Performing next Aaron Kwok, Kwok Ko Sing." Aaron sang a madarin song "absolutely beautiful" (juet duei mei lai). danced with kelly while she sang "love nerves". both performed well, but aaron definitely looked more energetic and fluid in his moves.
He then said "SARS has given us alot of problems but seeing everybody here tonight i don't see any problems." He then sang a duet with Kelly called 'Oy Dik Fu.'
Next on stage was Leurng Yue Ming. Before he sang his 2nd song he said " How is Hong Kong? This song is specially for you and it's a recently written & recorded song. This song is about it's not how much you have in your wallet, it's what's in your heart and those beside you." This song is called 'Kung Fung Laow.'
Leon said before singing "Thanks everybody for contributing tonight."  He then sang a duet with Mark Lui, it was called 'California Dreaming.' Sammi Cheng sang next and then introduced Andy Lau before singing a duet together. They both like some other singers had their mikes covered at the top for protection. Before Andy sang solo he said "When i wear this earpiece i can't hear you but if i don't i can't sing. Do you want me to hear you or sing? You want me to sing?ok." After he sang his 2nd song he said "We can get through this SARS thing." He then sang a madarin song before a duet with Hacken Lee.
Hacken & Andy
Hacken then did a duet with Alan Tam. Hacken said afterwards "There's boxes going around so you can contribute. The money is for those who need it most." Alan then said "Ok, lets change this concert into a large karaoke."
Cecilia then joined them and gave them each some glow sticks. She counted to three for everyone to wave their glow sticks in the dark She said it was really romantic. Hacken said " lets do this as though were representing Hong Kong' heart." Three of them then sang together a song called Pang yau (friends). Visitt this site for a clip of them
Hacken , Cecilia & Alan
Kenny B Gor was next and before singing he said "Let's have an open band instead of a karaoke." After the rock song he said " Thanks for coming to this really loud concert." He then sang a slow song and his 3rd was a leslie song as a tribute to Gor Gor.He then sang another fast song and then a slow one.
Nicholas Tse was next with a slow start due to sound problems with his metallic green guitar. After the song ' Chim lone muk yung' he said "Because of SARS people were advised not to go to crowed places but here we are together." He then smashed his guitar cause he hated it since it gave him an embarrasing start due to it's sound problems. He was then given a white electric guitar.He then sang a fast song called 'Wo jerk Viva'. Beyond were last and they sang 2 songs before everyone joined the stage one last time to say their thanks & goodbyes.
Andy Hui
Dicky Cheung, Miriam Yeung and Andy Hui also sang but because it wasn't shown on TV when i watched it i don't know when they performed.
Andy Hui sang a duet with Miriam Yeung with a song called (It will pass) Wui Gor Hui Dik, which is a song originally sung by Andy and Stephanie Che .
The last song he sang was with Dicky Cheung, William So and Leurng Yue Ming.

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Photos or news courtsey of Sing Pao daily news and Ming Pao daily news.